Charlie Whitehurst Net Worth

Known for his roles in ‘Deadwood’, ‘The Hunger Games’, and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Charlie Whitehurst is a famous Hollywood actor. His career has spanned over 30 years and he has received several awards and nominations.


Among the countless players to grace the NFL blackwater, Charlie Whitehurst stands out as the one that stood out in a crowd. Besides being a jack of all trades, Whitehurst was a true mascot. His charm is undeniable and the best part is he has a sister to boot. If you’re in need of a new man, Charlie is your man. Aside from the aforementioned trifecta, Whitehurst is an avid golfer, boozehound and all round nerd. Not to mention he’s the big man of the family. That’s a tall order in the ol’ town. After all, you’d expect a little more oomph from a man who grew up in the deep south.

In short, he’s been one of the league’s most notable members since his freshman year in 2007. Aside from his sexiest demeanor, he’s been one of the most underrated players to hit the field. Aside from his illustrious run, he’s also been a true team player. He’s also the first player to win the coveted MVP trophy. Aside from his numerous accomplishments, he’s also been the highest drafted player in the NFL history. He’s also been the highest rated player in the scouts and the best defender in the league. With the exception of an early departure, he’s been a solid member of the scouts for most of his tenure.

After a stellar career at Clemson, Whitehurst embarked on a whirlwind of a ride to the NFL, where he’s currently ensconced in a posh hotel in the sexiest city on the planet.


Having a well-developed athleticism, the career of Charlie Whitehurst is not to be sniffed at. Aside from his impressive arm, the 6-foot-5 dynamo is also a pretty good passer. It should not be a surprise then, that Whitehurst is among the highest paid quarterbacks in the league. He has earned a total of almost $25 million.

Whitehurst has thrown for nearly 6,000 yards over the course of his career. In fact, he holds the record for most passing yards in a single game, as he threw for 274 yards in a Week 17 win over Florida State. He also made some impressive throws, like the 57.9-yard touchdown pass he threw against NC State in 2006.

In addition to his stellar arm, Whitehurst is also a pretty good football player. He has shown signs of discipline, and can rally a team around him. However, his lack of consistency on the field should not be a concern.

While Whitehurst may not be considered a top quarterback in the NFL, his game does not suffer from any injuries. He has played in nine regular-season games and has started three games. He also has been a useful part of the offense, taking 12 snaps last year as backup to Philip Rivers. He should be a solid option for the rest of the season.

For his part, Whitehurst has not been the most efficient passer. His best game came in Week 11 of last season, when he threw for 511 yards and a pair of touchdowns. However, he also had four picks, a number which is quite impressive.

Whitehurst has also shown that he has a knack for the right pre-snap read. This can allow receivers to pick up yards after catching the ball.

Awards and nominations

During his NFL career, Charlie Whitehurst played for the Indianapolis Colts, San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Browns, and Seattle Seahawks. His total career earnings are estimated at $17 million. He is the son of former NFL quarterback David Whitehurst.

Charlie Whitehurst was born on August 6, 1982 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He is the son of David and Beth Whitehurst. He attended Chattahoochee High School in Johns Creek, Georgia, and played baseball for four years. He then attended Clemson University, where he lettered in football and baseball. He was a second-team All-ACC choice in 2005.

Whitehurst was drafted by the San Diego Chargers in the third round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He played for the team for four seasons, and set career highs in passing yards, completions, and attempts. In the 2011 season, he threw for 2,346 yards, setting a new career high. He had seven touchdowns and a career low in interceptions.

Whitehurst also played for the Seattle Seahawks in 2010, when he set career highs in passing yards, completions, attempts, and touchdowns. He led the team to a 16-6 victory in the regular season finale.

Charlie Whitehurst is currently in training camp with the Tennessee Titans. He is expected to make his Titans debut in November. He has also been seen with singer Jewel Kilcher. He has also tweeted about Indianapolis a lot in the past two months.

In addition to playing for the Colts, Whitehurst has also played for the Seattle Seahawks, Cleveland Browns, and Tennessee Titans. His contract with the Colts expires after this year, but he has been drafted by the Chargers in 2006.

Charlie Whitehurst has been in an affair with singer Jewel Kilcher. They have been dating for several years and have a son from their first marriage.

Social media accounts

During his brief tenure with the Chargers, Whitehurst was one of the team’s best players. He led the team to a division title in 2010. In 2010, he teamed with Colt McCoy for a 6-3 win over the Rams. But that’s not all Whitehurst has done. His sister played forward on the women’s basketball team at Clemson.

Whitehurst’s most notable accomplishment may be his performance as a backup quarterback. During his time in San Diego, Whitehurst compiled a 7-1 record and threw for over 1,500 yards. He also was a big part of the Chargers’ success in the playoffs. The two-time all-pro played in two games last year.

In terms of the actual game, the Titans have already brought back running back David Cobb. Whitehurst will now serve as a backup quarterback to Cody Kessler. It’s also likely that Whitehurst will be able to see some playing time this season. His presence is likely to strengthen the team’s offense. As a backup, Whitehurst should be able to teach his more seasoned teammates a thing or two.

Whitehurst’s social media account is packed with the most popular hashtags in the NFL. His Twitter and Instagram account are both packed with quirks. The most popular tweets were a lot of fake news, but he also posted a number of other noteworthy tweets. He’s also been spotted making a number of tweets on his phone, which is quite rare for an NFL player. Interestingly, Whitehurst is also known for making a number of witty and funny comments on Twitter. Aside from Twitter, he also maintains a few other social media accounts. The best thing about them is that they are all linked together, which makes it easy to check out what he’s saying without having to scroll back and forth.


Besides having an extraordinary career in the NFL, Charlie Whitehurst is also a household name. He has spent more than a decade in the sports arena. With his incredible talent, Whitehurst has been able to earn quite a sum of money. His earnings can be as high as $5 million.

Charlie Whitehurst was born on August 6, 1982, in Green Bay, Wisconsin. His father, David Whitehurst, was a former professional football player. He spent seven years in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers. His father was also a former professional baseball player.

Charlie Whitehurst attended Chattahoochee High School in Johns Creek, Georgia, and played football and baseball. He graduated from the Class of 2001. He later decided to pursue a baseball career.

He began playing for a league team. He later signed with the Seattle Seahawks.

After his rookie season, Charlie Whitehurst went on to play for several other league teams. His best game was against the Miami Dolphins. In that game, he recorded his career best score. In addition, he set a record for passing yards, passing yards per game, and total offense in one game. He was named to the All-ACC Second Team in 2005.

In 2010, Whitehurst started for the Cleveland Browns. He completed 9-yard passes to Chase Coffman against the Cleveland Browns in Week 5. He was also a key player for the Indianapolis Colts in 2014. In his last game for the Colts, he completed 22-of-33 passes for 339 yards and four touchdowns.

Whitehurst has also played for the Tennessee Titans and the Seattle Seahawks. He is a second-generation Titan. His father, David Whitehurst, played for the Green Bay Packers.

He was also a member of the Furman University football team. He played in 25 games over the course of his career. He finished his career with 9,665 passing yards and 49 touchdowns. He also had 46 interceptions.