Charles Mully Net Worth

Besides being one of the biggest film and television producers in the world, Charles Mully also has a net worth that is quite impressive. His net worth is estimated to be $475 million. But what is it that makes this entrepreneur so successful?

Life story

Throughout his life, Charles Mully has rescued and provided educational opportunities to thousands of children in Kenya. He is an example of a selfless entrepreneur who has made the world a better place.

At a young age, Charles was left orphaned by his family. He would spend his time begging on the streets. He later went on to become one of the wealthiest businessmen in Africa. Charles also became a leader in the church, with his efforts to bring education to children being the crowning achievement.

Mully’s story is one that must be told. His example will motivate you to make a difference in your own life. In doing so, you will inspire others to act on the same principle.

The Mully Children’s Fund is a non-profit organization that provides medical, nutritional, and life skills education to disadvantaged children in Kenya. Since its inception, the organization has helped over 23,000 children. It is now self-sustainable, providing medical care and education to children without the help of government programs. The organization has also opened centers in several other countries.

Charles Mully’s journey started when he was six years old. His parents were divorced, and he spent his time scraping by. At age six, he was left alone on the streets. This experience would change his life.

When Charles Mully grew up, he felt a calling to rescue orphaned children from the streets. He also found comfort in the church. He was convinced that God wanted to use him to give hope to those who were lost in the ghettos of Kenya. The Mully Children’s Fund was born, and the benevolence of God was demonstrated.

The Mully Children’s Fund has helped thousands of children in Kenya and other countries around the world. In addition to providing medical care and education, the organization has provided psychosocial support and a safe place to live. The Mully Children’s Fund has also been a driving force in improving the quality of life for the disadvantaged.

The Mully movie is a heart-warming and inspiring example of how a person can make a difference in the lives of others. It is a true story that highlights the good in life and inspires you to do more.

Entrepreneurial endeavors

Using his entrepreneurial acumen, Mully went from a humble street beggar to a multi-millionaire. Amongst his many ventures, he launched a bus service that traversed Kenya. His company also engaged in real estate and oil and gas distribution. He also has made a name for himself as a philanthropist. He has donated billions to worthy causes.

There is a lot of buzz around Mully’s achievements, but nothing compares to his philanthropy. His non-profit organization, Mully Children’s Family (MCF), has rescued more than 12,000 street children in nearly three decades. The organization’s mission is to provide education, healthcare and clothing to the underserved and underprivileged. It operates six campuses in Kenya and has spread to other African nations. Besides providing for children, it has aided in the building of schools, paved roads, and even a mall. Mully has won many honors for his humanitarian work, including the most prestigious award for the “Best Charitable Organization” – the Transform Kenya Awards – and the most prestigious award for “Best Family Philanthropy” – the Family Philanthropy Award – awarded by the East African Grant Makers Association.

Mully’s many business ventures have skewed his fortunes, but his philanthropy and charity have helped many disadvantaged children find their way. Amongst his many accolades, Mully has won the aforementioned “Transform Kenya Awards”, which he received in 2009, as well as the “Best Family Philanthropy” award from the East African Grant Makers Association in 2012. In addition to his charitable work, he has donated a large portion of his fortune to orphans in Kenya. This is in addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars that Mully has donated to disadvantaged children in other countries.

Mully’s philanthropy has been lauded by several organizations, including Med Assets International USA and World Vision International. His charitable contributions have helped disadvantaged children in Kenya, and have made him a household name. Besides his many notable achievements, Mully is also a true family man. He and his wife Esther have eight children of their own. Despite their wealth, they have taken on the responsibility of raising vulnerable children in the same way they would raise their biological children.

Philanthropic endeavors

Among Charles Mully’s philanthropic endeavors is his work with the Mully Children’s Family (MCF). His MCF is a Christian non-profit organization that works to provide a quality education, health care, and clothing for orphaned and street children in Kenya. In addition, the organization also works to reintegrate children back into society. The organization has assisted more than 7,500 children since its inception in 1989.

Charles Mully’s story is one of courage and selflessness. He grew up in poverty in Kenya and was abandoned at the age of six. He was eventually found by a kind stranger and eventually found work as a construction worker. He later left his business to help Kenyan orphans. Eventually, he developed a business based on agriculture and was able to help thousands of children.

Charles and Esther Mulli are known as “Mummy and Daddy” to the children. Their children have gone on to become doctors, engineers, lawyers, and scientists. Charles and Esther also provide food and shelter to street children. They have also developed a model of agriculture that is environmentally friendly and supplies both domestic and international markets.

Charles Mully’s work has been recognized by several organizations. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from Kabarak University in Kenya, and he was awarded the “Angel of Hope” award from World Vision International for his humanitarian services. He has also been recognized by the Robert W. Pierce Award and the Family Philanthropy Award from the East African Grant Makers Association. He also received the Head of State Commendation from the Republic of Kenya.

Mully’s financial priorities clearly reflect his Christian faith. He has also been awarded a certificate from the United Nations Environment Programme. He is a member of the Rotary club. He has three children.

The film will be distributed by Fathom Events and will be shown in 800 theaters across the country on October 3-5. Focus on the Family is a major promotional partner. The film will benefit orphans domestically and internationally. The film is a docudrama that takes audiences on a journey of one man’s life. It is directed by Scott Haze and produced by James Moll, an Academy Award (r)-winning executive producer.


Whether or not you believe that Mully is a Saint, you cannot deny that he is a father of the fatherless. His mission is to give children a safe haven and a loving family. In fact, Charles Mulli has rescued over 12,000 children since he was six years old. He is the founder of Mully Children’s Family (MCF) and has a heart for the poor.

Mully Children’s Family serves neglected, abandoned orphan children in Kenya and surrounding countries. The organization provides medical care, education, psychosocial support, and a safe place for children to grow up. They also provide an avenue for HIV-infected children to lead dignified lives. MCF has a website that has information about their mission. It also has a Facebook page where people can connect.

When he was six years old, Charles was orphaned. He was abandoned by his family and forced to live on the streets. He was beaten by his father and siblings and often left to beg for food. His mother returned to her mother’s hut when he was two years old.

Charles was able to attend school but he was unable to attend high school because he had no money. His mother begged her brothers to help her with the hospital visit. She eventually got the money to send him to school. However, Charles still thinks about the street kids three years later.

At age 16, Charles begins to work around the D’Souzas’ house. He eventually gets promoted to a field clerk position. He then finds a job with a wealthy Indian family. He then buys land in Ndalani for retirement.

After he and Esther marry, they begin their family. They house 250 children more because of violence. They also provide shelter, food, and medical care to these children. MCF has helped more than 23,000 abandoned children since 1989. They have received the Order of Manitoba for their service to children.

The story of Charles Mully is one of hope for the hopeless. It is also the story of one man who gave his life to help other children.