Charles K. Kao Quotes

charles k kao quotes

If you want to learn more about a British-American electrical engineer, you might like to read some Charles K. Kao quotes. He was an engineer who developed fiber optics, and was a shy and introverted individual. In fact, he was so shy that he was very uncomfortable in social settings.

Charles Kuen Kao was a British-American electrical engineer

Charles Kuen Kao was born in Hong Kong and studied electrical engineering at the University of London. He later joined Standard Telephones and Cables, which was part of the International Telephone and Telegraph. There he met Gwen Mae-wan Wong. Kao later went on to complete his PhD at University College London. After receiving his doctorate, he spent time working at the Standard Telecommunication Laboratories in Harlow, England. At these laboratories, he collaborated with colleagues including George Hockham and Alec Reeves.

Kao’s contributions to the field of telecommunications were immense. He pioneered the development of fiber optics, a form of optical communication, by creating new ways to combine glass fibers with lasers. His work in this field helped the internet become a reality.

He invented fiber optics

In 1966, Charles K. Kao invented single-mode optical fiber, which revolutionized the way people communicated around the world. Since then, Kao has been honoured with nearly 20 honorary doctorates and several fellowships, as well as a professorship at Yale University. He is also a former president of the Association of Southeast Asian Institutions of Higher Learning. In 1996, Kao made a major gift to Yale University, creating the Charles K. Kao Fund Research Grant, which supports research at Yale University in Asia.

After a brief stint as an engineer at a British company, Dr. Kao went on to join the Chinese government. There he met a woman from a British Chinese family, whom he married in 1959. The two later settled in California, where they had two children. In 2009, Kao won a joint Nobel Prize in Physics and Applied Physics for his work on the technology. Kao later turned to education, serving as vice chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and founding the Independent School Foundation in Hong Kong.

He was shy

He wasn’t a talkative man. But he was a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and a pioneer in fiber optics. His work made it possible to connect the internet to devices that once would have been impossible. Even though he was shy, he loved to explore ideas and worked in his lab for long hours.

Kao was a famous physicist. He shared the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on light transmission through fibre-optic cables. He also received several other awards, including the Faraday Medal, Alexander Graham Bell Medal, and the Marconi Medal. He also received honorary degrees from universities around the world. He died in Hong Kong in September 2018.

He was uncomfortable in social gatherings

He was born in Shanghai, China, and had two children. His parents were lawyers. He received his JD from the University of Michigan in 1925 and went on to teach at Soochow University in Shanghai. At a young age, he spent his days studying Chinese classics with a private tutor. He also took French and English courses at an international school.

Kao’s wife, Gwen, helped him cope with his social anxiety. Charles and Gwen Kao founded the Charles K. Kao Foundation for Alzheimer’s Disease Limited in 2010. The foundation was started to raise awareness of the disease and to help those who are suffering from it.