Chale Ganas Quotes

echale ganas quotes

One of the most popular Mexican phrases is ‘echale ganas,’ which means “give it your all!” It’s usually used to encourage people who are experiencing a difficult time, but are determined to succeed. While the phrase can also refer to culinary cravings, ‘echale ganas’ is also used to refer to ‘brag’ or’se cree mucho,’ a reference to arrogance.

In order to encourage the next generation of Latinx students to pursue STEM fields, HSU has instituted Place-based Learning Communities (PBLs) to ensure first-generation students are supported and feel a sense of belonging. It also offers a unique hands-on cohort program, which involves living and studying together for one year. This allows students to develop a community of support from freshman year to graduation. STEM Promotores also provide guidance to undergraduates.