Celebrity Cruise Lines’ Blendtique Net Worth 2020

Among the myriad wine and beverage companies on the block, the Blendtique Wine Company is certainly one of a kind. The company was conceived by a former winery salesman and the man behind The Wine Apothecary. The aforementioned company was founded to provide consumers with an interactive wine experience, similar to that found at a museum or museum exhibit. The company has since partnered with Celebrity Cruise Lines to host wine blending events on their ships.

Aside from sourcing wines from central California, the company boasts a number of other cool tricks up its sleeve. Among its many perks are a mobile app for ordering and tracking your wines, custom labels with your name or business logo, paint points to display your logo on your favorite bottle, and the ability to customize your own wine bottles. It’s also a good candidate for large or small events, especially those involving multiple wines. The company has a robust 37-person staff, and a centrally located headquarters in Los Olivos, California, USA. In the past two years, the Blendtique Wine Company has racked up over $200k in sales.

The company’s gimmick isn’t limited to wines, as the company also sources beer, liquor, and distilled beverages to provide customers with a more customized experience. For example, the company offers a bespoke blending experience for couples tying the knot. In a similar vein, the company also provides a similar service to restaurants and hoteliers who wish to offer their customers house-made wine. The company also offers a range of wine blending kits for the home wine enthusiast. Aside from its onsite and offsite blending experiences, the company has an extensive wine list to choose from, including well-aged wines and branded labels.

The Blendtique a t is still in business as of October 2022. Currently, the company is home to about 37 employees, and sources wine from a network of wineries in the central California. The company also has a number of special events and wine blending experiences to partake in, including a one-of-a-kind wine-blending experience on the Celebrity Cruise Lines ships. The Blendtique name may not be as synonymous with the winemaker’s name as it once was, but the company is still a go for those looking to create their own signature bottle. As of the writing of this article, the company has a net worth of roughly $8 million. Having the requisite capital to fuel his vision, Billy is well on his way to becoming the next big thing in the wine industry. The company has also recently expanded its footprint to the Midwest, where a new headquarters is in the works. Lastly, the company has a number of upcoming partnerships in the works. In addition to the above mentioned aforementioned partnerships, the Blendtique brand has forged new ground in the world of custom-made cocktails. The company even boasts a bespoke vodka and rum line, as well as a small selection of craft beer.