CeCe Peniston Net Worth

During the 1990s, CeCe Peniston was a highly successful pop singer. The singer is known for the singles “Finally,” “Finally II,” “Finally III,” “Finally IV,” and “Finally V,” which reached the top of the charts in the United States and the United Kingdom. In addition, she has had several hit singles that reached the top of the Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. In addition, her debut album, “Finally” was a commercial success.

Before releasing her debut album, CeCe Peniston acted in plays, participated in talent shows, and sang in church choirs. In addition, she worked as a back-up singer for a female rapper on A&M Records. Later, she signed a recording contract with West Swagg Music Group. The producer of CeCe Peniston’s debut album was Phoenix-based DJ Wax Dawg.

When she was 15 years old, CeCe Peniston landed a part in a local production of Bubbling Brown Sugar. She then started her singing career in the late 1980s. During her formative years in Arizona, she also sang in church choirs and participated in talent shows. She attended Trevor G. Browne High School and Phoenix College, where she studied Liberal Arts. Later, she earned a diploma from the University of Phoenix.

In 1991, CeCe Peniston released her debut album, “Finally.” The album received mixed reviews but it was a commercial success. She released her second album, “Thought ‘Ya Knew,” in 1993. Her third album, “Keep on Walkin’,” was released in 1998. In 2011, CeCe Peniston announced her upcoming solo album. Several years later, she was in a relationship with a personal trainer, Marcus Matthews, who was on Celebrity Wife Swap. This relationship ended after the show concluded.

CeCe Peniston has a large family. She is the daughter of Ronald and Barbara Anne Quick Peniston. She has two siblings. Her father is a retired attorney. Her mother is a retired teacher. She has been married to Frank Martin Jr. from 2004 to 2011. In 2015, she became engaged to Marcus Matthews.

CeCe Peniston has been active in social media. Her fan base has grown to over 100,000. Her fans can visit her official website, Twitter, and Facebook page. In addition, she has given interviews about her family’s support. Aside from her singing and acting career, CeCe Peniston also has a successful career in the film industry. She has appeared in many notable films. In addition, she has performed for Pope John Paul II and President Bill Clinton.

CeCe Peniston has not released any new albums since 1998. Her net worth has grown dramatically as her fan base has grown. Her earnings are primarily from her singing career. In addition, she owns several luxurious cars. She has earned between $3 million and $5 million during her career. However, her earnings have varied greatly due to the fact that her net worth is not fixed.

CeCe Peniston has also had a brief marriage to Malik Byrd in the early 90s. This relationship also ended shortly after the show was concluded.