Cece Down Syndrome Net Worth

Despite a long and storied career in showbiz, Cece has been notably absent from the limelight for several years now. Fortunately, her big daddy, DJ Nitti has helped facilitate her dreams of a musical career. Among the highlights is her latest album, aptly titled, A Little Bigger, which is no doubt the best of the lot. The aforementioned album also features a number of high-profile artists, including rapper Big Freedia and singer/songwriter Justin Bieber. Interestingly, the most popular songs were written by women. Unlike her male counterparts, the woman in question has a healthy interest in her own pixie dust. After all, who knows, she might be a future star of her own.

The triumphed lady, aka Cece, is not only a pop star but she is a social butterfly – she has been a constant fixture in many a party scene, from posh clubs to red-carpet events. On top of that, her wits and the ability to fend off a mob of drunken revelers are unrivaled.