Casio G-Shock Frogman “Borneo Rainbow Toad” Limited Edition

The Casio G-Shock Frogman “Borneo Rainbow Toad” Limited Edition is a unique watch model from the G-Shock brand. The watch is made from semitransparent urethane parts and is adorned with a rainbow-colored bezel. It uses solar energy to keep time and also has a sapphire crystal.

There are many models in the G-Shock line, but the Frogman is a high-end model. The first in the Master of G line, the Frogman features a unique asymmetric shape with an eccentric strap design. It is also designed to be a diving watch for scuba divers. It is one of the few models to meet the ISO 6425 standard and is certified to 200 meters.

This watch is inspired by the Borneo rainbow toad, which was rediscovered in 2011 after being lost for 87 years. This watch features pink and orange accents on the stainless steel case back, and an etched rainbow IP bezel guard. It also features a 200-meter diver’s watch with auto time calibration and solar power.

Unlike the G-Shock Frogman, the GWF-A1000 features an analog display for the first time. Other features include a sapphire crystal and 200-meter water resistance. It also has Multi-Band 6 automatic radio timekeeping. This watch will be released in October 2020 for approximately 115,000 JPY before tax. This watch is a limited edition of 2,000 pieces.