Casio G-Shock 5081 GA 100 Review

The G-Shock 5081 GA 100 is a watch with a number of useful functions. It has hand-setting and time-keeping modes, a clock and an alarm. It also features a C-mode and a second-hand on 50-hour increments. Using these features, the watch allows you to set an alarm in C-mode.

This watch also features a stopwatch. It has a 1/100 second resolution, and a countdown timer (TMR). The stopwatch is very accurate. It can measure elapsed time, lap time, and split time. It can also calculate speeds and scroll through city codes.

The Casio G-SHOCK 5081 GA 100 sports a round, durable case and a digital display. The G-Shock series also has a record-breaking number of color choices and stylistic options. Its case is large, with raised hour markers and a digital dial on either side. It is equipped with anti-magnetism and other features that make it an ideal sports watch.