Casetify Quote Cases

If you’re looking for a beautiful cell phone case, Casetify has many options to choose from. From their collaboration with Quotes by Christie to their new Instagram collaboration, Casetify offers a large variety of options. These cases are an excellent way to add a unique, personalized touch to your cell phone.

Casetify’s collaboration with Quotes by Christie

If you want a case that is both fun and stylish, Casetify’s collaboration with Quotes By Christie is a good choice. The brand sells a variety of phone cases and accessories that feature inspirational quotes. You can also purchase other products like water bottles and wireless chargers.

The collaboration with Quotes by Christie also enables CASETiFY to highlight a diverse selection of artists in its collection. For example, the Her Impact Matters collection features a wide range of styles that are geared toward women who are making a difference. It features new designs and re-released best-sellers featuring updated artwork from the all-female artist crew. Among the artists featured are Martina Martian, Bodil Jane, and Holly Nichols.

In addition to collaborations with celebrities, Casetify has also partnered with NASA and Hello Kitty. It has been praised as one of the fastest growing tech accessory brands in the United States, reaching one-in-seven millennials.

Casetify’s millions of cell phone cases

The Casetify brand, formerly known as Casetagram, is one of the most popular tech accessory brands, with over two million followers on Instagram. Casetify is led by CEO Wes Ng, who has revolutionized the way that phone cases are designed and sold. The company has collaborated with big brands such as DHL and Vetements to create exclusive partnerships with select flagships. In addition to collaborations with major brands, Casetify has also made collaborations with artists.

Casetify’s collaboration with Instagram

A Hong Kong-based tech accessory brand, Casetify, has been keeping its finger on the pulse of popular culture. The company has a history of collaborating with brands and artists in an effort to create buzzworthy collections. Recent partnerships with artists including BLACKPINK and Olivia Rodrigo, Vegemite, and BTS are the latest examples. The company started out selling custom phone cases, but has since expanded to include a variety of other brands.

Casetify has continued its collaboration with social media platform Instagram. The two brands have added two new phone cases to their line. These collaborations feature designs by Olivia Rodrigo and other popular Instagrammers. The new cases are made from 65% recycled materials and feature re/Casetify’s technology.