Cardan Greenbriar Quotes

cardan greenbriar quotes

The book series “Prince Cardan” is filled with memorable quotes about love, life, and courage. It’s an incredibly powerful series, and its characters are compelling and realistic. In addition to the protagonist, the book follows the adventures of three others: Jude, Nicasia, and Madoc.


In “Cardan Greenbriar”, the princess Nicasia is one of the main characters. She is the daughter of Queen Orlagh and a member of Cardan Greenbriar’s inner circle. She has a beautiful blue-green hair and pale blue eyes. Her body is long and slender, and she often wears pearls in her hair.


“I am attracted to you,” said Cardan, and Jude admits that she missed him in the mortal world. However, she hates herself for wanting a mortal and does not want to let him down. When she discovers that Cardan is having an affair with another mortal, she decides to help him escape.


Madoc in Cardan Greenbriar is a young Redcap who comes from a noble family. His mother cut off his umbilical cord and bind him in a cloak. After a bloody battle, he returned to his realm and raised a young girl named Vivi. He taught her to fight and educate her along with the children of the Gentry. The story also follows Madoc’s courtship with Jude, who he has been pursuing since he first came to the human world.

Prince Cardan

In the book The Last Kingdom, Prince Cardan Greenbriar quotes a number of lines from the book to express his feelings towards his wife. He has only been High King for five months and is already feeling unsure about his duties. He has refused to go to meetings with the Living Council and his seneschal, Jude, is asking him questions about his duties. He is hesitant to show his love to his wife because he believes she’s unworthy, but he still loves her.

Lady Asha

Lady Asha is the mother of the High King of Elfhame. Her son, Cardan Greenbriar, is the current High King of Elfhame. He is the son of Lady Asha and Eldred Greenbriar and the great-grandson of Mab Greenbriar. He is also the brother of Elowyn, Rhyia, and Balekin, and the uncle of Oak. He is known as the ringleader of his inner circle of friends.

The Wicked King

The Wicked King is a fantasy novel about an evil king who rules the land of Avaria. The king’s reign is characterized by its cruelty and intrigue. His wife Lady Asha is banished to the Tower of Forgetting while his son is sent to Hollow Hall. Prince Balekin punishes the two children physically, verbally, and emotionally.