Can You Quit a Work Study Job?

One of the benefits of working at a university is having a job. This allows students to earn money and to establish a solid work record. In addition, many universities have contracts with off campus agencies such as the government or private nonprofits. These types of companies offer part time and full time positions.

Despite the obvious appeal of a full-time gig, some employers may be more willing to hire students on a temporary basis. If this is the case, it is best to get in touch with your supervisor or human resource representative to make arrangements. It is a good idea to keep track of the date of your last day of work.

The federal work-study program can be a boon to your finances, but you need to find an eligible job to begin with. Most universities have signed contracts with dozens of off-campus agencies and even some private companies. Many of these are in the business of providing tuition assistance and scholarships, and some of them offer real world experience that can help you to succeed in college and beyond.

There are plenty of other ways to earn a buck, such as by interning or volunteering. However, the most notable is the work study. Students who meet the eligibility requirements can qualify for a job at any university department, whether on or off campus. During your employment, you will need to follow all federal laws and rules and regulations, and treat other employees and clients with a modicum of respect. Although this is not a guaranteed way to land a high-paying job, it can prove to be a boon to your career.

Besides giving you a steady income, you will likely learn about the intricacies of the business world along the way. For instance, the work study program will test your time management skills. You will also have to show up on time, dress appropriately for the position, and adhere to all school rules. A nice perk is the fact that you will be paid for all the hours you work. Depending on your qualifications, you could be lucky enough to earn a pay raise for your hard work.

Of course, the work study has its limitations, such as the number of hours you can work per week and the difficulty of finding a suitable job. Nevertheless, having a part-time job is an impressive feat, especially if you are a student in financial need.