Can You Change Okay Google to Something Else?

It feels like the future when you can just say “OK Google” or “Hey Google” to get your phone to respond. However, the magic can go awry and it’s not always clear why. Fortunately, it’s usually fairly easy to fix.

Can you change okay google to something else

There are several reasons why your OK Google may stop working. One possibility is that other apps are interfering with the feature. Another possible reason is that it’s time to retrain the software for your voice. This is a quick process and only takes a few seconds. Finally, it’s also possible that something is clogging up your microphone aperture. Modern phones have very small mics and it’s not uncommon for oil or other debris to clog them. Gently cleaning the aperture with an earbud might fix this issue.

Unfortunately, changing the wake word is not a native feature on the Google Assistant app and Google Home devices. Currently, the only option is to use the Accessibility settings on the Google Home device to enable “Hey Google” instead of “Ok Google”.

If you are using an older version of Android that does not include access to accessibility settings, you can try a few other methods. You can try to use the compass button to trigger the assistant or you can download and install an app called “Open Mic+”. This app allows you to manually set your wake word.

However, this is only a temporary solution. Once you close the app and restart your phone, the wake word will revert to ‘Ok Google’. In the long run, this is likely to be more frustrating than not being able to use the feature at all. Hopefully, Google will add the ability to choose a wake word on all of its devices in the near future.