Can Wii Still Connect to Internet 2020?

Contrary to many modern gaming consoles, the Wii can still connect to the internet via both a Wi-Fi port and USB Ethernet adapters available from Nintendo and third parties.

Wii games offer something for every taste imaginable – be they multiplayer thrills, JRPGs or RPG adventures. But is buying one in 2020 still worthwhile?


Error Codes 51300 to 51099 These errors typically indicate that your Wii is having difficulty connecting to Nintendo’s servers. Their servers could be overburdened with users or down for maintenance; to solve this, wait several hours and try again; also ensure your own internet is functioning as expected by testing it on another device and ensuring there are no interferences between your router and console.

If you’re experiencing this problem with your Wii software, it may be due to an outdated version. Upgrading to the most up-to-date version should solve this issue; otherwise you can contact Nintendo’s support team for additional help.

52730-52699 Error Explained

These errors indicate that your console is trying to connect to a proxy server, which could be the result of multiple factors, including incorrect router configuration or security settings. To address the issue, log into your router and change its wireless security setting from WPA2-PSK (AES) to WPA2-PSK (AES); additionally you could use a PC or laptop connected to the same network to check primary and secondary DNS settings – once found enter them into your console’s Internet connection settings.

Error Code 208019 This error typically appears when using the Wii Shop Channel to purchase Virtual Console games that are region-locked; you’ll need to select your country in order to access them. This issue can be resolved by going into your Wii’s ‘Settings’, clicking right twice and choosing ‘Internet Connection Settings’; here, you can change its IP address according to where you reside.

Since 2020, Nintendo has discontinued the Wii Shop Channel; however, Digital Download games may still be purchased through Wii U; however, you won’t be able to purchase new titles through this store until Nintendo reinstates it. While you wait, use the Virtual Console to enjoy older titles or purchase Wii U games through Amazon or other online retailers. Nintendo created their eighth-generation video game console – Wii U – as a competitor against Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PlayStation 4. The Wii U was the first console to offer HD graphics when it was introduced in 2012. Since its debut, in 2012, as a successor to the Wii, it has received positive reviews both from customers and critics, and sold over 100 million units worldwide. Notable features of this console include its motion controllers and large library of games; additionally it also includes an integrated TV tuner, supports HDMI connections and offers HD streaming as well as voice control features.


The Nintendo Wii is an incredible gaming console with plenty of games and multiplayer action to enjoy with friends. Unfortunately, however, over time some functionality of its has lapsed over time including being unable to connect to the internet; but there are ways you can try to remedy this situation.

Before beginning, ensure the wireless router is working as intended. It could be that its security type does not match what your Wii supports; changing to another type or key could solve this issue. Furthermore, make sure it is not being interfered with by other devices.

Try switching WiFi connections, as this may be easier than trying to rectify issues with your existing one. You can do this by going into your Wii settings and selecting “Internet Connection Settings”, followed by “Search For an Access Point”, to allow it to connect to its respective WiFi network even though you are unable to reach any internet.

Having trouble connecting to the internet? Perhaps it is time to invest in a new router. A fast and reliable connection is essential for enjoying gaming experiences on Wii; using high-quality routers will not hinder this experience.

Wii U offers many of the same games you enjoyed playing on its predecessor, Wii. A popular offering from this console is Wii Sports which includes bowling, golfing, tennis, boxing and baseball – perfect for gamers of all ages and experience levels alike!

Nintendo Wii Shop Channel Closes Down

The Nintendo Wii Shop channel has closed down, leaving customers no longer able to purchase games or access digital content through it. This change follows Nintendo’s decision to end console repair services by 2020.

The Wii Shop channel was an immensely popular online store for Nintendo’s Wii console that allowed customers to browse and purchase games and accessories directly from Nintendo’s official website in both North America and Europe. Alongside this storefront was Nintendo’s eShop offering additional software and accessories. Although no exact date for its reopening has been given yet, some industry sources expect this will take place sometime between 2021-2024.


The Wii was first released for sale in 2006, offering an array of games as home entertainment system. Furthermore, its Internet capability allows gamers to connect to friends worldwide using either wireless routers or Ethernet cables – providing players with access to updates, multiplayer online gaming services and popular websites like Facebook and Twitter.

The original Wii included built-in Wi-Fi support, enabling it to easily connect to a home network. Unfortunately, its second generation released between 2012-2013 does not. If you own one of these consoles you will require purchasing an individual wireless LAN adapter – these devices can often be found online marketplaces such as eBay; though Nintendo warns that third party units may not work as intended with your Wii.

If you are having difficulty connecting to the Internet, it could be related to your Wi-Fi router. In such a case, contact your Internet provider in order to resolve it or try changing the wireless channel on your router in order to reduce interference; remove obstacles between Wii and wireless router and try reconnecting once more; if problems continue it may be worth investing in a new router.

The Wii is an incredible gaming console that provides access to an expansive library at an economical price. Setup is simple, enabling use with either TV or computer monitor and supporting online multiplayer gaming as well as streaming movies and TV shows from the Internet. Wii consoles are ideal for families with children as they include parental controls that restrict what content can be played on them. While Nintendo has discontinued most online functions for Wii systems, there are still plenty of great games that families can enjoy together. Purchase classic titles at low prices through the Wii Shop Channel and find fun local multiplayer games to enjoy with friends – everything from party games, RPG adventures, or multi-player multiplayer bonanza is there on Wii!