Can I Use Eyeglass Cleaner to Clean My Computer Screen?

Eyeglass cleaners are not designed for computer screens, but they can be used to clean them. The key to using an eyeglass cleaner on a screen is to make sure that it is lint-free and contains no chemicals that might damage the screen. The cleaning process is also much easier when done with a microfiber cloth. This type of cloth has a microfiber texture that helps to remove debris and lint from the screen without scratching. This is the same type of cloth that you should use to clean your lenses as well.

It is important to clean your glasses regularly to avoid stains and bacteria buildup. The best way to do this is with gentle dish soap, water and a clean, dry cloth. You should also consider storing your glasses in a scratch-resistant case when not wearing them. This will keep them safe from damage and will help them stay cleaner longer.

You should clean your eyeglasses daily or at least weekly, depending on how dirty they are. You can clean them with a microfiber cloth and a small amount of cleaning solution, or you can simply rinse them with warm water and gently wipe them down with a soft, lint-free cloth. A cloth that is specially designed for eyeglasses will be the best choice, as it will not leave any lint behind and will not scratch the lens or frames.

There are a number of products on the market designed to keep your glasses clean, including sprays and pre-moistened wipes. While these may be convenient, they can also contain chemicals that might damage the coatings on your lenses or frames. In addition, they may not provide a complete clean, particularly in areas like the nose pads where bacteria can easily accumulate.

In general, you should avoid using vinegar, glass or window cleaner, bleach or spit/saliva on your lenses. These chemicals may strip the coatings on your lenses or leave residue that can smear the anti-reflective coating. In addition, spit and saliva can scratch the lenses.

If you don’t want to use a special eyeglass cleaner, you can also use common household products to clean your computer screen. Be sure to use a microfiber cloth that has not been laundered with fabric softeners or dryer sheets, as these can smear the lenses. Rubbing alcohol or a generic wet wipe can also be used, but be careful not to spray the cleaner directly on the screen; this could damage the protective screen protector.

If you are concerned about the cost of using a special cleaner, you can try making your own. You can use rubbing alcohol and distilled water or glass cleaner, but be sure that the rubbing alcohol is not close to expiration. Then, store the solution in a small bottle with a screw-on lid. This will be a cheaper alternative to buying an eyeglass cleaning solution that contains chemicals that may damage your lenses and frame.