Can I search my Tumblr likes?

Is it possible to search my Tumblr favorites?

LIKES: Just like your dashboard, you may search your Tumblr likes using pages! (only works if they have their likes public though).

What does it mean to get a lot of likes on Tumblr?

Tumblr’s approach of telling someone you enjoyed, agreed with, or (oh, okay) loved their post is to like it. You can like someone’s posts from either your Dashboard or their Tumblr blog, and you may unlike any post you’ve liked if you change your mind.

On Tumblr, how do you view all of your likes?

To cycle among all of them, simply click the silhouette figure in the upper right corner and then “Change Palette.” You may now choose between the default layout and the new grid format when viewing your likes page. The same goes for any marked pages.

What’s the best way to find old Tumblr posts?

Look for a link that reads “Earlier,” “Earlier Posts,” “Next,” or “Next Page” towards the bottom of the page. If you don’t see one, this account only has one page, with the bottom post being the first.

How can I get rid of all of my Tumblr likes?

Go to your dashboard and click the user icon in the top-right corner of the screen to do so. Then, from the drop-down option, select Likes. All you have to do now is click the red heart next to the posts you wish to unlike. Automatically.

How do I hide my Tumblr likes?

You have the option to hide your preferences! Change the likes setting to “hide likes” in the appearance editor. Reblog to help save someone’s life. Tumblr Configuration: Sharing Likes To share or hide your favourite posts from public view, go to your Tumblr blog settings.

On Tumblr mobile, how can you delete many posts at once?

Use the Archive feature on your blog ( On a mobile device: Select “Delete” from the trash can icon at the bottom of the post you want to delete.

How do I delete all of my Tumblr 2020 posts?

How do I delete all of my Tumblr posts?

If you haven’t already, sign in to your Tumblr blog account.
Choose Posts from the menu to see all of your Tumblr posts.
Tumblr will display all of your blog’s posts as tiles, allowing you to decide which ones you want to delete.
Once you’ve made your pick, click the Delete button in the top right corner and wait for the confirmation box to appear.

Is it possible to undo a Tumblr reblog?

You can disable the Reblog option on your individual blog if you don’t want others to reblog and repost your content with a single click.

How can you recover Tumblr postings that have been deleted?

Only by restoring the original post from a backup copy can you recover a deleted post on your Tumblr blog. You may either manually backup the HTML code for the article or use a backup solution like Tumblog Backup Jammy to make frequent backups of all your posts’ HTML code at once.

Is it possible to save Tumblr posts?

Simply tap the ‘Archive’ button to access the tumblr account holder’s archived postings.

Why am I unable to access Tumblr’s archives?

This is due to the fact that the “hide this blog” option has been enabled. The account owner must disable this feature in order to view the archive.

What’s the best way to hide my Tumblr?

Select the blog (if not already selected) in the top, left-hand corner of the page by tapping your account settings (the little human). Turn on the “Hide (blog name) from search results” switch by tapping the gear icon, selecting “Visibility,” and selecting “Hide (blog name) from search results.”

How do I make my Tumblr posts private?

Click the down arrow next to the name of your secondary blog in your main Tumblr Dashboard, select “Customize,” and then proceed to the Advanced page to add password security. To keep things extra secret, use the Advanced tab to de-list your blog from search engines and Tumblr promotions.

Is it possible for Tumblr users to see who has viewed their posts?

In most cases, no. When and what you look at another person on Tumblr isn’t revealed. However, some users may track visitors using Google Analytics or StatCounter. I believe it displays your IP address, the number of times you’ve visited, the sites you’ve viewed, and the city you’re in.

How do you figure out when a Tumblr post was published?

Go to the Tumblr site that contains the post you want to see. At the bottom of the post, look for a timestamp. Click the “Notes” link to see the remarks if you don’t see a date. On the Notes page, the timestamp is normally displayed.

Why can’t I see Tumblr?

To find the lock in the Android app, drag the filters bar (top, recent, etc.) all the way to the left. On that blog’s settings page, make sure “Allow this blog to appear in search results” is checked. If you were the original poster, the original post will appear instead of any reblogs.

Is it possible to talk with someone on Tumblr?

Tap the chat bubble at the top right of your dashboard to access the function from the web. On mobile, you’ll see a similar chat bubble that you can tap. After that, fill in the blog name of the person you wish to message, followed by your message. That’s pretty much everything there is to it.

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