Can I Live in Japan If I Marry a Japanese Citizen?

You can live in japan if you marry a japanese, but not without first following some rules. If you are a foreigner, you must apply for your spouse visa (Certificate of Eligibility) from the immigration authorities in Japan before you can travel to Japan with your foreign spouse.

In addition, you must show that you and your partner have a genuine, continuing relationship and can provide for each other. These are the most important elements that the Immigration Services will consider in assessing your application.

International marriages are a growing trend, as experts say more and more people are seeking to experience a culture that is more accepting and open to others. But these relationships can also be stressful and difficult. Having the right knowledge and understanding will help make this process easier for you.

If you’re married to a Japanese citizen, the first step is to report your marriage to the municipal government office of your home city or ward. Depending on your country, this can take a few months or longer.

Then, you must submit your documents to the municipality for them to verify that you are legally married. These include the Sworn Affidavit of Competency to Marry (Shomeisho), which a notary public can notarize for you, and a certified translation of any documents from your country that are required to be shown.

You must also get a marriage certificate (Kon-in Todoke Juri Shomeisho) from the local government office in order to prove your marital status. If you’re not sure about how to go about this, you can consult a legal expert in your area for assistance.

Once you’ve gotten your official marriage license, the next step is to go to the nearest embassy or consulate and apply for your spouse visa. The process can be long, but if you do it well, you should end up with a spouse visa within a few months.

Generally, your spouse visa must be renewed every six months if you want to stay in Japan. This is to ensure that your relationship is still valid and that you are not breaking the law by living together illegally.

However, if you break the law or if your relationship breaks down, you will have to reapply for a new visa in your home country. This can be a time-consuming and complicated process, so you’ll want to seek professional advice before you start.

If you are a foreigner and your spouse is a Japanese citizen, you need to apply for a Spouse (Dependents) Visa COE at the regional immigration offices in Japan. You must present the original passport of your spouse and the Certificate of Residence Card or other proof that they are a permanent resident of Japan.

In addition, you must show your spouse’s Tax/Income Certificate and the Tax payment Certificate for individual inhabitant tax. These are required because your spouse must be able to support you financially.

Once you have submitted the proper documents and are approved for your spouse visa, your spouse can begin to work in Japan with you, as long as they are a permanent resident. This is a great option if you’re looking to be more financially stable in Japan. It can also allow you to take advantage of the various benefits available, including government housing and governmental jobs.