Can I Delete My Deezer Account?

Deezer is one of the world’s leading music streaming services. It offers access to millions of tracks, without any restrictions on online and offline playback. It also offers HiFi quality and 360 audio support.

It’s free to sign up and it offers a range of subscription plans for both desktop and mobile users. Premium subscribers get an exclusive music catalogue, as well as a range of extra features like ad-free listening.

The UI is clean and easy to use, with a focus on content rather than categories. It doesn’t have the same level of sophistication as Spotify or YouTube Music, but it’s a good choice for someone who wants to stream music on a budget.

Deezer’s music streaming platform is available for Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS devices. It has a large music library, featuring more than 56 million songs and 52 million albums in the FLAC format.

It offers a range of features that are similar to other popular music services, including playlists and song recommendations. It also has a unique algorithm that helps to recommend new artists and tracks based on the music you’re listening to.

Unlike most other music services, Deezer has a wide international presence and is present in 180 countries worldwide. This includes fast-growing territories such as Russia and Eastern Europe, as well as more established markets such as France and Germany.

In addition, it offers a discount perk for US-based doctors and nurses. These medical professionals can get a free 3-month subscription to Deezer Premium, then 50% off in the following year.

It’s a great way to discover new artists and find the perfect song for any occasion. It’s also a good place to share your own music.

Deezer’s app is available for PC, Mac and Linux and it allows you to create playlists and organize your music in an intuitive manner. It also lets you search for music by genre and artist, a feature that’s not available on most other platforms.

You can create a custom playlist or browse Deezer’s collection of pre-created playlists. The service also has a handy music library filter tool that lets you sort the songs by album, track, artist and country.

The UI is simple and easy to navigate, with plenty of white space. It’s not quite as sleek as Spotify or YouTube Music, but it offers plenty of essential features at a glance and it will grow on you quickly.

In terms of the music selection, Deezer offers a broad variety of genres and is constantly adding new songs to its library. Its catalog is a mix of independent and commercial releases, which makes it a good choice for fans of a range of music tastes.

It’s an excellent tool for streaming music on the go and its ability to download and listen offline is a huge plus point, especially when you’re traveling abroad. It also has a huge database of songs, with over 55 million tracks available to stream for free.