Can I Cleanse My Crystals With Himalayan Saltwater?

Saltwater can be an effective way to cleanse and recharge crystals. Simply submerge them in a solution of water and saltwater.

Some experts advise leaving crystals out in the Moonlight or Sunlight to enable them to absorb various energies from nature.

Place your crystals on a plate of Himalayan salt and allow them to sit for at least several hours, or up to overnight.


Cleansing crystals involves discharging any negative or stagnant energy that may have built up throughout the day, like cleaning and charging skin daily, to keep their vibration at its highest potential and avoid holding onto or absorbing energy that doesn’t serve you in your energetic field. Cleansing and charging also helps energize and dispel negative energies accumulated throughout the day from their crystals’ surfaces, keeping you feeling at your best and clear of any negative energies that might otherwise accumulate over time.

Salt Water

A popular method of crystal cleansing is salt water, or “salt bath.” For this, use pure sea salt or Himalayan pink salt (avoid table salt as its healing properties can diminish with processing), placing crystals into a bowl with water for several hours to several days, before rinsing off and patting dry afterwards. While this approach works great on most stones, softer or porous ones like Selenite Malachite Angelite shouldn’t be placed into water as this could damage them further.

Sound Healing mes Utilizing sound as part of your cleansing can be a highly effective method for ridding crystals of any negative energies that linger, such as singing bowls, tuning forks or bells. Singing bowls, tuning forks and bells all offer vibrational healing tools which reach deep within crystals to release any negativity that is lurking there – just make sure that only high quality tools are used so as to avoid adding any extraneous vibrations into them!


Utilizing your imagination is an effective way of cleansing energy from crystals. Visualizing all of the unwanted energies being pulled up and down your spine, into your hands, through crystals, and then out the drain can free your stones of any negative attachments or impacts that are weighting them down.


Placing crystals in the earth to cleanse them is an old-fashioned yet effective practice, you can either bury or place your crystals on an altar and they will absorb energy from their environment and recharge themselves in this process. Smudging with burning plants/herbs such as sage is another effective way of giving crystals a fresh new start.

While these methods are among the more widely-used approaches to cleansing crystals, there are other excellent techniques available as well. It is wise to conduct your own research and try out various techniques until you find what works for you best; be sure to cleanse your crystals at least once every month or more frequently as needed for best results! Good luck and have fun!