Can I Change My Political Party Affiliation Online?

Can i change my political party affiliation online?

Voters can change their political party affiliation at any time but the changes must be made 29 days before a primary election.
The political party of your choice impacts the issues and candidates that are on your ballot during a primary election. In a general election, you can vote for any candidate you wish regardless of which political party you are registered with.

In the state of New York, voters must be enrolled in an official political party recognized by the state board of elections in order to vote in a primary election. The only exception is the Independence Party, which permits non-enrolled voters to participate in certain primaries.

Voters who wish to enroll in a political party should complete the voter registration form. They can also visit their county board of elections office or the department of motor vehicles to change their enrollment.

When you change your party affiliation, the new selection is added to your voter registration record and can be verified by a clerk. The change will be effective for the next election.

You may change your party enrollment at any time by completing a Voter Registration Application or mailing a completed Voter Registration Application to the Supervisor of Elections. The application must be filled out completely including your Florida driver license number or Florida identification card number and the last four digits of your social security number.

If you change your party enrollment after a primary election, it will only take effect one week prior to the next General Election. You can make changes to your party enrollment at any time by submitting a Voter Registration Application or updating your information through the Division of Elections website.

The Green Party was recognized by the State Board of Elections in early August 2022 and will be included on the voter registration forms that are currently being distributed. Until then, persons wishing to register with the Green Party must check the “Other” box on the Voter Registration Application and write “Green” on the line under “Political Party Affiliation”.

All registered voters in Florida can vote in a General Election or Primary Election. The residential address on file determines which issues and candidates will be on your ballot. If you have moved, please provide your new address to the Clerk of Courts to update your voter registration records. You can also request a change of name by completing a Voter Registration Application.