Can Hamsters Chew Cardboard?

If you’re looking for a new pet, one of the first things you should consider is whether it can chew. This is a natural instinct that your furry friend has, and it can be very beneficial for their health.

The hamster’s teeth never stop growing, so they need to gnaw constantly in order to keep them short and healthy. Gnawing on a variety of different materials is a great way to do this, as it helps them wear down their teeth so that they don’t get too long and cause pain.

It is important that hamsters don’t overgrow their teeth, so it’s vital to give them plenty of safe toys and items to chew on. Chewing also allows them to exercise their teeth and keep their mouths clean.

Cardboard is a good material for a hamster to chew on, as it is soft and easy to gnaw through. However, it is crucial that the cardboard you provide your hamster is free of glue residue and other chemicals that could be harmful to them.

A good option for a hamster’s chew toys is paper sticks, which you can make yourself using thin strips of cardboard. You can use gardening scissors to cut the cardboard into skewers, and you can then glue them together using hamster-safe glue.

This will allow your hamster to gnaw on the stick without breaking it apart, making it more fun for them! You can even add a splash of fruit juice to the glue for extra interest!

These chew sticks are easy to make, and they’ll keep your hamster busy for hours! Once they’ve dried, you can place them inside your hamster’s cage to chew on.

They’re also a great way to kit out your hamster’s cage, so it’s worth investing in some. These can be particularly useful if your hamster is going on an extended trip or to the vet, as they can help minimize stress.

It is also important to ensure that the cardboard you provide your hamster does not contain any dyes, as these can be dangerous for them. This is especially true for cotton, wool or shredded paper that has colored ink on it, so be sure to check before you buy.

Toilet rolls are another common item that hamsters enjoy chewing on, but it’s not something that they should eat. The paper in toilet rolls is too tough for hamsters to digest, and it’s very absorbent, which can make your hamster sick if they ingest it.

A paper towel, on the other hand, is a safer choice for your hamster. It’s not as thick and absorbent as toilet paper, but it does tend to soak up urine and is less likely to clog up their litter tray.

Unlike toilet rolls, paper towels do not contain any ink or glue, so they’re perfectly safe for your hamster to chew on. But be sure that the paper towels you provide aren’t too tight or absorbing, as this can be difficult for them to digest.