Can a Guy and a Girl Be Just Best Friends?

There’s an old classic story of best friends Bill and Sally who tell each other everything. They hang out a lot, but when Sally gets into a relationship with John, Bill gets jealous and ends up kissing her. Sally is devastated and doesn’t trust him anymore.

Is there such a thing as platonic friendship between guys and girls?

In a recent post on Reddit, one female Redditor asked this question and got candid responses from men about their close friendships with women. And, surprisingly enough, many of them shared that they actually do have successful relationships with girls!

What’s it like to have a girl as your best friend?

If you are lucky enough to have a good, stable friendship with a girl it can be a life-changing experience. In fact, a strong relationship with your best friend can help you get through the hard times in your life, according to psychologist and author Sara Belleghem.

It can also make you a better person. You will have more compassion for others and you will be more likely to discuss things that bother you with them, she says. It’s also a great skill to have because it will help you get through difficult situations in the future, she adds.

The question of whether a guy and a girl can be just best friends is not an easy one to answer, but there are some benefits to having cross-sex friendships with your girl mates that you won’t find in same-sex friendships. For starters, a good friendship can be beneficial for your mental health and emotional well-being, especially when you are trying to figure out what kind of partner you want.

This type of friendship can also give you an idea of how to treat your potential mate. You can learn how to communicate better with him, and you can also see how much you like and appreciate him.

A girl as your best friend can also give you a chance to try out new experiences and activities without worrying about making mistakes. For example, if you’re a big fan of traveling, your best friend might be able to recommend a great hotel or show you around.

Another benefit of a good girl as your best friend is that they can keep you safe from bullies, harassment and other threats in the world. They can help you cope with things that would otherwise be difficult, such as a breakup or job loss, and they can also encourage you to go out and meet new people and do new things.

If you are interested in learning more about how to become a good girl as your best friend, don’t hesitate to contact me! I can help you find a way to build a strong, healthy and long-lasting friendship that can last your entire life.

How to know if a guy is just friends with you

When a guy and a girl are really just friends, they will usually act and speak differently. They will also have different expectations from each other.