Can a Bodyguard Kill?

A bodyguard is a role that protects a person from a threat. They are usually hired by an authority figure to be a part of their personal protection team, but they can also be a member of a close-protection team that guards a dignitary or a head of state. They usually wear a uniform, and may have access to weapons and equipment.

Can a bodyguard kill?

A security guard has a special skill that allows them to shoot someone. It is a tool in their arsenal, and they are trained to use it when they think the threat is too great to be overcome with other means. However, it is important to note that this tool can also be abused. It can be used in an amoral fashion, and security guards should be careful when using it.

In reality, most security guards do not want to ever have to use it. They are trained to know when and how they should use it, but sometimes it happens.

If a bodyguard is shot by an attacker and they are trying to save their client, can the bodyguard still be brought up on murder charges?

The answer to this question depends on how the situation was handled, but it is generally accepted that a bodyguard is acting in self defense when they shoot someone. The person attempting to attack the bodyguard should have known that they would likely die, and the bodyguard should have had an opportunity to take them down before the attack took place.

Normally, if a bodyguard is hit by a melee attack and is not stunned, they will get back up before the stun timer runs out. This is not true if they are knocked down by a Ranged Attack.

A Bodyguard’s save is very strong. It is often used in setups that have many players, as a strong form of Doctor. It also enables FTC, a strategy where investigatives can out while under the protection of a Bodyguard.

When fighting against melee roles, Bodyguards should avoid trying to run away. Instead, try to keep a distance from them and then hit them back with a ranged attack.

Another useful strategy is to have a Doctor heal your target while you protect them. This will keep them alive for a chain, which will prevent both of you from dying (unless an Escort, Consort, Pirate or Witch/Coven Leader breaks the chain).

If a player who is under the protection of a Doctor is attacked by an attacker, the Doctor will counterattack and deal damage to the attacker. This does not prevent the attack from killing your target, and the attacker will still die if they have an Astral Hex Master, Ambusher, or another role that messes with visits.

This is similar to the way a Crusader saves their target from being Doused or ignited, but with some differences. A Crusader will only counterattack one attacker, but a Bodyguard can counter multiple attackers with their Basic Defense.