Can a 9mm Kill a Bear?

The 9mm Luger isn’t the best choice for killing bears. This is because of its hollow-point design, which penetrates the skin well but fails to penetrate the thick-hided animal’s bone structure or vital zone. As a result, you should use a heavier-caliber projectile when hunting with this gun. The bullet should have a bullet weight of over 18 inches in order to penetrate a bear’s skull.

In one of the most recent cases, an Alaskan fishing guide named Phil Shoemaker was guiding a group of clients on a salmon fishing trip when he encountered a brown bear. He had been guiding in bear country for 33 years, but he hadn’t shot an uninjured bear. Instead, he pulled out his 9mm pistol and shot the bear at close range. The bear dropped and didn’t move.

In reality, even the most experienced shooter can miss in such a high-stress situation. But, the truth is, the 9mm can kill a black bear if you aim at the right parts. Using the right bullets, it will stop the bear in its tracks, and even a small black bear can be killed by a 9mm bullet.

A 9mm rifle is effective for deer hunting, and can kill a black bear from a few feet away. It is not the best choice for bear hunting, but it can stop an attack if all else fails. However, it is worth a try if you have the proper equipment and can shoot well.

In one case, a bear approached the homeowner’s house from a distance of 15 to 25 feet. It was 7-10 feet away when the homeowner shot it. The bear was charging uphill and fell back, and was no longer moving after the shot. The homeowner used his Glock to kill the bear.

A 9mm is not the best handgun for bear defense. A 44 magnum revolver is far more powerful, but in bear defense, you should always carry at least a 10mm AUTO. The bullet weight of a 10mm AUTO bullet should be between 180 and two hundred grains. This is comparable to a 45mm bullet and will kill the bear faster.

In two other cases, a 9mm was successful in killing a black bear. A rifle, carried by the defender’s wife, also proved effective. However, a 9mm is ineffective in killing a grizzly. However, three instances of a 9mm killing a bear were classified according to the caliber of the weapon used.