Can a 9mm Kill a Bear 4?

The 9mm handgun cartridge is considered a mid-power handgun cartridge. It fires with a velocity of 1.250 fps and a muzzle energy of 350 ft/lbs. The standard bullet weighs 124 grains and has a diameter of.355 inches. In addition, the bullet has a ballistic coefficient of 0.15 and a mean diameter of.355. While this handgun cartridge is not the most effective for killing a bear, it can easily stop a charging bear with one or two shots.

In a recent incident in Alaska, a fishing guide named Phil Shoemaker and a group of clients were guiding a salmon fishing trip when they encountered a brown bear. Phil Shoemaker, who runs a company called Grizzly Skins, has been guiding in bear country for 33 years. During that time, he has yet to fire a gun that failed to injure a bear. The 9mm pistol, fired at close range, stopped the brown bear in its tracks.

While many gun enthusiasts would argue that a 9mm handgun is an ineffective bear gun, the fact remains that it can kill a bear when used properly. The final bullet was placed through the bear’s head, and it was found dead a few minutes later. The gun owner who fired five rounds at the bear used an ordinary 9mm. It was not as neat a killing as one would have liked, but the bear was eventually killed.

Bear hunting is an art and requires a skillful hand. While bear spray can be effective, firearms are the only reliable lethal deterrents. Therefore, it is important to know your firearm’s capabilities before venturing into bear country. You should practice with your bear gun until you become proficient.

A 9mm is one of the most effective weapons for hunting. While hunting, it is important to remember that most hunting shots kill by causing blood loss. The bullet could cut a major artery, leaving the bear unconcious within 30 seconds. If the bullet strikes a bear’s brain, it could cause unconsciousness or even death.

Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that the body structure of a bear is different from that of a deer. This is why it is important to aim above its lower silhouette. This may mean aiming at its center mass. Bears aren’t as large as they may appear, so it is important to keep this in mind while shooting.

A 9mm can kill a bear if it is placed correctly. One example of this is a story about a hunter who killed a bear using his 9mm handgun. The hunter was shooting at a bear from his treestand. Fortunately, the bear was unable to continue the chase. It took six shots to kill it.