Cale Saurage Net Worth

Despite the fact that Cale Saurage hasn’t been as famous as other YouTube stars, his net worth has skyrocketed in recent years. This is thanks to his incredibly successful YouTube channel and Instagram account. Here’s a look at how much he’s worth, as well as his biography and education.


Touted as the king of the social media juggernauts, Cale is actually a jack of all trades and master of none. This multitasking savant is the envy of his tuxedo clad males, but he’s not all pya, he’s also the proud father of one (yes, that’s a thing) tuxedo clad son. The big question is, is he the big cheese? The answer is a resounding yes. A pya, big cheese is a good thing, especially when he’s in a good mood. The dude also has the chums and the gizmos aplenty. Luckily for him, the sex and the sex aints aren’t too snoozy to give him the space he needs and wants.

Instagram account

Using his Instagram account, Cale Saurage has shown his plethora of social media skills. He has also created a YouTube channel that has a good number of subscribers.

One of his best-known videos, which was also the most successful, was a dub based on the song “The Wizard of Oz” by The Beatles. He has also been featured in a few other publications. In the past, he has garnered millions of fans for his comedic dubs.

Besides TikTok, Cale Saurage has also created a number of videos on Instagram and YouTube. In addition, he has also earned a lot of ad revenue for his YouTube channel. As a result of his success, Cale Saurage’s net worth is estimated to be at least $1 million. This is a hefty sum of money for a 24-year-old.

There are many factors that make up a person’s net worth. However, the most important thing to know is that Cale Saurage’s net worth is rising at a healthy rate. The reason behind this is that he has earned a number of endorsements. He has also worked with well-known social media stars. His social media presence has also helped him attract millions of fans on other platforms. In fact, he has more fans on other platforms than he has on TikTok.

There is also a chance that he has a career in the film industry. As a matter of fact, he has been featured in several Instagram posts. However, he is currently focused on his social media presence. He has also been shown to be an avid pet lover.

As of October 2018, Cale Saurage has more than a million followers on his Instagram account. The YouTube channel he has created has more than 60,000 subscribers.

YouTube channel

Among the various social media stars, Cale Saurage is one of the popular figures. He is an American internet personality who has millions of followers on social media. Known for his lip-sync videos, he is a popular TikTok star. He has also created an online fashion brand called DamnBaby.

Cale was born on February 27, 1998 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States. He is of Caucasian ethnicity. His parents are fitness enthusiasts. He is also an avid fan of sports, including hiking, mountain climbing, and horse riding. He has a sister named Riley.

Cale is a member of the Christianity religion. He has a slim physique with Black hair. He stands 5 feet 8 inches tall.

Cale has gained fame for his TikTok channel, which has over 4.8 million followers. He also has a second YouTube channel, which he started in December 2018. The older account had a huge fan base. However, it was deleted when it reached 98 million hearts.

Cale has become famous in a short period of time. He has earned over 366k subscribers on YouTube, and his videos have accumulated over 100 million views. He also has a brand deal with an apparel brand, Fanjoy. He has also collaborated with other social media stars, such as DanRue.

Cale is very active on social media, and he frequently shares his comedic videos with his followers. He also owns a white Telsa automobile, which he purchased with his own income. He is also a huge fan of horses and surfing. His favorite holiday destination is Venice.

Cale is currently single. He has not yet disclosed his relationship history. However, he has a crush on someone.

Likes count on Instagram

Besides being one of the most popular Tiktok stars, Cale Saurage also has a YouTube channel, and an Instagram account. He has more than a million followers on both platforms, and he earns a lot of money from advertising on Tiktok.

TikTok is a short-form video platform, where users can post videos on the app. It has turned many Baton Rouge natives into viral stars. This includes Cale Saurage, who started to upload videos on TikTok after the app was released in January. Eventually, he and his brother, John Corban, became famous, and he has been a part of many viral videos.

Besides making videos on TikTok, Cale Saurage also posts other content on his Instagram account. This includes sketches and dubs. His net worth is estimated at around $1 million. He also has brand deals and endorsement opportunities. His career is growing, and he has an impressive future ahead of him.

Before he became a TikTok star, Cale Saurage was just an average teenager. He is currently 24 years old, and he is studying for a professional degree. He is also interested in getting opportunities in the film industry. He is an avid pet lover, and his favorite color is sea green.

He has a sister, Riley, who has been a social media star as well. She has more than a million followers on Instagram, and she recently hit 2.5 million followers on Tiktok. She also has a YouTube channel, and her videos have been viewed more than a million times.

Although Cale Saurage has never been in a relationship, he has a crush on someone who wasn’t interested in him. But he isn’t revealing their names.


Despite being an aspiring comedian, Cale Saurage has managed to keep a low profile and avoid the paparazzi. In fact, the guy has been a model citizen for the past couple of years. He is married and shares a home with his mother and two dogs. Cale also earned a bachelor’s degree from a public US state university. It’s a safe bet he’ll be a successful entrepreneur in the long run. He’s also got a healthy Twitter following and has a huge social media following. He’s been known to have his fingers on many a TikTok keyboard. So, you know you’re in good hands.

He also took the time to name his three dogs. In a recent interview, he said he never liked cats. He also claimed that he hasn’t had a cat in the house since he was a kid. He did say that he had one in a previous life, though, which he said he is currently ignoring. He also said that he’s “totally fine with dogs”.

Cale is also known for having the best-looking teeth, and that’s a compliment. He’s also known for being a sucker for a sexy woman.