Business Branding – Smart Strategies to Get Ahead of the Pack

It can take a lot of effort to decide on the perfect name and logo for your business. The logo reinforces the name and serves as its visual representation, making recall easier. While the business name needs to be recognizable, meaningful, and memorable, owners of businesses face the problem of finding names and logos relevant to the business. Some strategies to find a good business name and logo:

Eliminate Confusion

The best brand names make it clear to the target audience about the nature of the business and its potential benefits. A good business name, thus, needs to remove all chances of confusion or ambiguity that can represent a challenge to this process. All great company names and business logos are simple in structure. However, an article in Forbes warns against making the business name too short if it makes it harder to pronounce and remember.

Involve the Professionals

Thinking of a business name and designing a logo may not seem rocket science, but it does require you to be aware of multiple factors within and without the company. You must remember that it can take a lot of investment in time, effort, and money to establish the business name and the logo. A rebranding exercise, if you have made a mistake, is expensive and can set your business back, allowing the competition to grab market share and leaving customers confused. The best policy is to give the job of finalizing the business name and logo to the experts who can do the research and the design. If you cannot afford the larger agencies, you can try to get the job done more economically through freelancers. You can also seek inspiration from an online product name generator.

Research the Online Space

After generating a shortlist of potential business names, you should Google them to find out if any of them are already in use and that too in the same niche. Keeping the same name as an existing business can open you up to potential lawsuits for trademark and intellectual property infringement. Additionally, keeping the same name confuses potential customers, which is not desirable.

Compare Names and Logos against the Competition 

Before deciding on the final name of your business, you should run through the names and logos of the businesses you will be most likely fighting with in the market. You must be sure that the name and the logo are distinctive and, at the same time meaningful and memorable. The business name and the logo design should look good and be legible across all media, ranging from a small business card to a giant billboard on the highway. The simplicity of the approach is the key to success.


Whatever you do, you need to remember that a business name and logo are for keeps, which makes it necessary to make it clean, distinctive, and timeless. The name should be such that it can keep pace with the company’s growth and not get out of date. Keep the name simple, easy to pronounce, and spell to make it succinct, memorable, and make it easy for people to search online.

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