Burley Cub X Vs D’Lite X

The Burley Cub X and D’Lite X have similar features, but one of them has a few key differences. The D’Lite X does not have a reinforced floor, while the Cub X does. This makes it easier to clean and protects the fabric floor.

The D’Lite X is the more expensive of the two, but it offers a lot of upgrades. For instance, it has a more robust hard plastic bottom and is more sturdy on rough terrain. However, this model does not accept plus-sized tires.

The D’Lite X has a weight capacity of 100 lbs. It is also slightly smaller than the Encore X. It also has a more streamlined design and a more ergonomic seating position. It is also compatible with Burley’s multifunctional conversion kits. Its features include tinted windows and a front sunshade. It can also hold a stroller.

The D’Lite X also has adjustable suspension, which is a great feature for families that ride dirt. The adjustable suspension can help the kids ride more comfortably on rough terrain, but it will add 1.5 pounds to the overall weight. The D’Lite X is best for families that frequently ride on rough terrain. It also features an adjustable sun shade and a rear flap that opens and closes for better ventilation.

Besides being easier to fold up, the Burley D’Lite X is much easier to store in a car trunk. It also comes with a dual seater option for extra space and shoulder space. However, the single seated trailer is more maneuverable in small spaces, and its weight limit is 75 pounds, which includes the passenger.

The D’Lite X has an adjustable suspension system that features a coil spring around the axle. This system adjusts the suspension to accommodate a variety of tow types. The frame also serves as a roll cage. It surrounds the child on all sides, which helps prevent the rider from tipping over and rolling.

The Burley Cub X is designed to be durable, yet comfortable and safe. It has premium features, including padded seats and adjustable sunshade. The Cub X is also compatible with multifunction conversion kits. Aside from the features, the Cub X has many benefits, including the ability to attach to adult bikes.

While the D’Lite X has many features that make it a great option for active families, the Encore X is an excellent choice if you prefer an all-in-one trailer. However, if your needs are less extreme, then you might consider upgrading to the D’Lite X. The Encore X has additional features that make it more convenient for parents and kids. You can also use the Encore X as a cargo trailer with the addition of a cargo carrier.

Another difference between the D’Lite X and the Bee is the size. The D’Lite X is larger and weighs 27.6 pounds while the Bee is slightly heavier.