Bundil Net Worth – How Much Is Bundil Worth?

During the season 10 of the hit show Shark Tank, Dmitri Love, a software engineer, sought funding for his new crypto spare change app, Bundil. At the time, the company had just been launched for about six months and was looking for a valuation of one million dollars. During the pitch, Kevin O’Leary offered $100,000 for fifty percent of the company. But after the show, the deal was not finalized. Dmitri accepted the offer, but did not make it official.

Bundil is a digital spare change investment app that invests the spare change from credit and debit card transactions, tracking the purchases, and automatically investing the change in a selected cryptocurrency. The app is available for both Android and iOS, and it’s compatible with hundreds of banks. The company also supports Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. It invests the difference of each transaction and charges $24 a year for larger investments. Those who invest less than $25 per month get a free subscription.

The app allows users to invest in up to four cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ether. Users can also earn interest on their investment. They can also withdraw their profits whenever they want. The company has received a lot of attention during the year, and it is still in operation. Bundil has received a valuation of more than $1 million, but is not yet profitable. Several crypto companies have filed for bankruptcy this year.

In October of this year, Bundil was featured on Shark Tank USA. During the episode, Kevin O’Leary offered Dmitri $100,000 for half of the company. He said he wanted to invest in the company because he thought the digital currency space would be here for a while. However, Dmitri was not too excited about the idea of investing in digital spare change, which offered no real value.

During the episode, Kevin O’Leary told Dmitri that he would invest in Bundil, but the deal was not finalized. Dmitri was concerned that Kevin might not put money into the company. At the time, the company was worth about one million dollars. He was willing to give away ten percent of the company for the $100,000, but he was still looking for a valuation of one million dollars.

Dmitri Love conceived of the idea of Bundil after he was injured while playing soccer. While recovering, he studied biochemistry at the University of Arkansas. He then learned to code while lying in bed. Then he developed the app, which has been launched for iOS and Android.

After the success of the app, Dmitri went back to Shark Tank and pitched his company again. This time, he was seeking $100,000 for ten percent of the company. However, he accepted Kevin O’Leary’s offer for fifty percent of the company. He now has a net worth of one million dollars.

Several competitors of Bundil have been created. One of them is Donut, which offers an 8% annual percentage yield. Another is Coinbase, which has a 3.9 star rating on the App Store and good reviews.