Buford Pusser Net Worth

During his time in law enforcement, Buford Pusser earned a reputation as one of the best lawmen in America. Known as a folk hero for his battles against crime, Pusser was able to clean up many corrupt and illegal undertakings. After leaving office, he continued to fight crime as a private citizen.

Buford Pusser was born on December 12, 1937 in Finger, Tennessee. After graduating from high school, he joined the Marine Corps and remained in that role for a number of years. He later moved to Chicago where he became a successful Wrestler. He was also a director of the Miami Police Department. He met his wife, Pauline, while working as a wrestler in Chicago. They married on December 5, 1969. During his years as a lawman, Pusser was targeted by several hit men. He had to undergo multiple surgeries and he was injured several times. He suffered from asthma.

Buford Pusser’s wife, Pauline, was killed in an assassination attempt. They were traveling on the road when an unknown car pulled up next to them. The occupants opened fire and killed Pauline. Buford Pusser had only been shot three times by that point in time. He vowed to bring the killers to justice before he died. During his time as sheriff of McNairy County, Tennessee, Pusser was targeted by a number of organized crime groups. He was known to be a tough, no-nonsense lawman. In 1964, he was elected sheriff.

While serving as sheriff, Pusser targeted the State Line Mob, a group that made thousands of dollars from illegal moonshine. The mob had a strong presence in McNairy County. They were reputed to have members who came from across the United States.

The woman who owned the land told Garrison that she was afraid to call the police because she was afraid of retaliation. Pusser was a soft-spoken lawman, but he had some unorthodox methods. In addition to working as a policeman, he participated in a dunking booth.

When he was elected sheriff, Pusser was considered one of the youngest sheriffs in Tennessee history. His tenure as sheriff was short. The law-abiding citizens of McNairy County feared for their safety. There was a significant infestation of prostitution, illegal gambling, and corruption. However, Pusser was able to clean up the town. He became known as a folk hero in the town of Adamsville.

He was known for his unorthodox methods and he became an easy target. Pusser was also known to have a crooked smile. He was known to wear khakis and button up shirts every day. He wore his hair a sandy red colour.

When Buford Pusser was elected sheriff in 1964, he was elected as the youngest sheriff in Tennessee history. Although he was only 25 years old, he became a local hero and a folk hero. Despite being a tough lawman, he was able to survive several assassination attempts. After leaving office, Pusser became a successful businessman and he continued to fight crime as a lawman.