Browndages Net Worth – How Much Is This Black Owned Business Worth?

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Browndages is a skin tone bandage company. The two founders, Rashid Mahdi and Intisar Bashir, started their business in 2018. They wanted to fill a gap in the market by making bandages that fit different skin tones. They also sell pajamas, first aid kits, healing balms, bag covers, and other accessories. The couple’s business is also a great example of a Black owned company.

Browndages was launched by the two owners in 2018. They started their business because they could not find bandages that fit their kids’ skin. They also noticed that generic bandages stuck out on darker skin tones. The couple then decided to make their own bandages. They began by printing images of princesses and superheroes on bandages. They also started selling First Aid kits and healing balms.

They sold their bandages through local stores like Talib’s Shoes and Portland. They also sold online. The company has also been featured in various publications. It has a large following on Instagram, with over 76,000 followers. The company has also received orders from Norway and Canada. Browndages has also been sold at small stores across the United States.

The company is owned by a married couple, Intisar Bashir and Rashid Mahdi. They have three children. They live in Columbus, Ohio. Bashir grew up working at his father’s store. He has family friends who help him run the business. As a young business owner, Bashir traveled to vending events to see what his target market was.

He and his wife wanted to fill a gap in the market, so they came up with the idea for Browndages. They noticed that the bandages on the market were made for white people, so they decided to make their own. They started with adult bandages. They then added kids bandages, as well as healing balms and first aid kits. They also offer elastic wraps, bag covers, and adhesive stripes.

The company also sells hats, masks, and pajamas. Its bandages are designed to match different skin tones, and the company offers a variety of shades of brown. The company also sells children’s books and other accessories.

Browndages also benefited from a visit to Shark Tank. The company was featured on the show’s season 13 episode 20. The episode showed the two owners pitching their business to Mark Cuban, Lori Greiner, and Daymond John. Cuban and Greiner invested $100,000 for 25% of the company, while Daymond John invested $100,000 for 30% of the company. The deal included a $75,000 line of credit. After the episode aired, Browndages had an instant surge in sales.

The company is still in business, with a net worth of $140,000. Its products are sold through the company’s official website, as well as a number of mom and pop stores across the United States. Browndages has been featured in various publications, and it has a growing community following its products.

When the Black Lives Matter movement swept the nation in 2020, it spurred the growth of several Black-owned businesses. Companies like Tru-Colour and Browndages fill a gap, and they offer culturally-appropriate products.