Brian Buffini Net Worth

Despite being known as a musician, Brian Buffini also has a successful career as an actor. The former child star has earned numerous awards and honors and his net worth is estimated at $5 million.


Despite the many challenges that have come his way, Brian Buffini has never stopped working hard. He is a popular motivational speaker and a real estate industry expert. He has coached over 25000 professionals across the country. His speaking engagements have encouraged millions of people to pursue the American Dream. He has helped people overcome their financial struggles, build multi-million dollar businesses, and become more successful. His podcast has over 7 million downloads in 180 countries. He is also a New York Times Best-Seller.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Brian Buffini immigrated to the United States of America when he was 19 years old. He worked as a Realtor in San Diego. In 1986, he and his wife Beverly moved to California. They have three daughters and three sons. Buffini’s wife is an Afro-American, while he has an Irish heritage.

Brian Buffini has been married for more than two decades. He shares his life with his wife Beverly, his children, and his mother Anna. He also has two sisters. His father is A.J. Buffini, and his mother is Alysha Buffini. He has a son named Adam, and a daughter named Amy.

He has been known for his entertaining story telling abilities, and has been a top-rated motivational speaker and real estate industry expert. He is the author of “The Emigrant Edge,” which is a New York Times Best-Seller. He also created his own podcast, which has surpassed 7 million downloads in 180 countries.


Founder of Buffini & Company and real estate legend Brian Buffini is one of America’s most successful business people. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, author, investor, and motivational speaker. His speaking engagements have inspired millions of people to pursue the American Dream. He is also an investor in personal wealth. He and his wife, Beverly, reside in Southern California.

Buffini & Company provides real estate training, coaching, and lead generation systems to real estate professionals. The company provides cutting-edge content and methodologies that have helped more than 3 million professionals in 41 countries. They also offer resources to help new agents start their real estate careers. Their videos provide helpful insight into the real estate market. In addition to their content, the company has developed an all-day educational conference called the MasterMind Summit that will be held in San Diego, California in August.

The company has over 1.3 million followers on Facebook. They provide motivational video content, cutting-edge content, and techniques to help you navigate the real estate market. They also offer a New Agent Starter Kit, which provides essential information and tips for students to succeed in the real estate industry. They also offer a unique lead-generation system.

The company’s mission is to help people in dire straights to achieve their dreams. Founded by real estate legend Brian Buffini, Buffini & Company provides high-quality content, motivational videos, and training to help people achieve their goals.

Professional life

Founder of America’s largest corporate coaching company, Brian Buffini has been a pioneer in the field of business training. His speaking engagements have enlightened millions of Americans to the pursuit of the American Dream. In fact, Buffini teaches more real estate agents worldwide than any other single entrepreneur.

The founder of Buffini & Company, a leading business coaching firm headquartered in Carlsbad, California, has trained more than 3 million business professionals in 41 countries. His cutting-edge training system helps companies improve their bottom line by providing the best practices and methodologies to grow their businesses. The company’s signature product is the Buffini System, which uses a unique lead generation system to help companies grow their sales pipelines. Having built a multi-million dollar business in the real estate field, Buffini understands that networking is a must for any business owner. As such, he founded the company to help others in their quest for business success. Buffini’s flagship training course, the Buffini System, has helped more than 25,000 business owners achieve their personal and professional goals.

In addition to his impressive credentials, Brian Buffini is a good dad to his six children. His wife of 27 years, Alysha, is also a talented businesswoman. His son, Adam, and daughter, Anna, are budding entrepreneurs in their own right. Brian Buffini has a knack for sharing his best business practices and lessons learned from a life spent as an entrepreneur and investor.

Personal life

Despite his successful career, Brian Buffini has faced numerous challenges in his life. This includes a motorcycle accident when he was just 19 years old. The accident left Buffini with metal in his leg and medical bills totaling a quarter of a million dollars. But he limped back over to the line for the American dream.

He subsequently joined the real estate industry, where he made his name as one of the country’s top Realtors. He also started a podcast, It’s a Good Life. It has been downloaded more than seven million times, in 180 countries. The podcast is focused on simple tips for living a better life.

Brian Buffini has also been mentored by renowned speakers like Lou Tice, Jim Rohn, and Zig Ziglar. His book, “The Emigrant Edge”, has been a New York Times best seller. And his yearly Success Tour draws record breaking audiences.

Brian Buffini has been married to Beverly Buffini for over two decades. The couple shares six children. They live in California. Beverly is a former USA Olympic volleyball player, who also balances her family’s time between home schooling and charitable work. In addition to being a businesswoman, Brian is also a motivational speaker.

Brian Buffini is an American life coach, speaker and author. He travels the world to spread his message of living a better life. He has trained more than twenty-five thousand professionals across the United States. In addition to his coaching, Brian has also written a number of best selling books.

Awards and honors

Several awards and honors were afoot this year in San Diego. One of the most noteworthy awards was the “top work place in San Diego” award, which was based on a survey of local employees. This award is given to companies that have a great work environment, and it measures factors such as pay, benefits and training.

The award was given to just 96 agents nationwide for the 12th straight year. A custom glass award was given to each member as a gesture of appreciation for their dedication to the company’s Working by Referral program. In addition to the award, members who reach a milestone anniversary will receive a custom glass award. The award has a nameplate with the appropriate anniversary year, as well as a lapel pin.

The award was also presented to Gino Blefari, who is CEO of the Home Services Franchise, a division of Prudential. In addition to the award, a slew of other accolades were handed out at the ceremony.

The best of the rest was a tidbit from the Buffini & Company’s own Peak Producers agent training program. It is a program that is designed to improve the lives of real estate agents. The program, which has been around since 2011, is touted as one of the most important training programs in the industry. In addition, the program has won many accolades including the top award at the Hermes Creative Awards for its marketing efforts.

Social media

Having been named the best speaker in the world by Forbes, Brian Buffini is no stranger to the limelight. He travels the world sharing his message of encouragement. Using nontraditional methods, he builds long-term relationships with his clients. His yearly MasterMind Summit draws record-breaking audiences.

The Brian Buffini Show is one of the most popular business podcasts in the world. In addition to interviews with prominent guests, the show also features Irish wit and wisdom. The show was launched in 2016 and currently holds the number two spot in the business podcast category on Apple’s iTunes.

Brian Buffini is a world-renowned speaker and professional trainer of real estate agents. His company, Buffini & Company, provides powerful lead generation systems and methodologies. Over three million business professionals in 41 countries have benefited from Buffini & Company’s training. Buffini has personally trained ten thousand business people and has sold one home out of every eight in his career.

The best part about Brian Buffini’s success is his determination to teach others how to do the same. He believes that the American Dream has always been rooted in owning land. He sells real estate to clients across the country. Using non-traditional methods, he has been able to turn a small business into a multi-million dollar empire. He has also been mentored by Zig Ziglar and Lou Tice. He is currently on a speaking tour that will take him to the far corners of the globe.