Brenda Gantt Net Worth 2021

Having been a Southern grandmother, Brenda Gantt is no stranger to the kitchen. She’s also known for her cooking videos which have garnered thousands of likes, comments and shares. These videos have also helped to boost her net worth.

George Gantt was a versatile athlete

During his career as a high school football player, George Gantt was a versatile athlete. In addition to his stint at the gridiron, Gantt also managed to play varsity basketball and baseball. He was also a savvy businessman, eventually starting a successful antiques store in Andalusia. The Gantt family is comprised of five descendants. A dynasty continues to thrive, with the family residing in Andalusia.

While Gantt may not have been the first person to throw the ball in the NFL playoffs, he was an honorary member of the Andalusia High School football team. During his four-year high school career, Gantt was a part of many of the greatest teams in AHS history. He was also a part of the All-South Conference honorable mention in 1961. In addition to being an all-conference selection, Gantt was also named the varsity’s most valuable player. In addition to racking up his share of wins and losses, Gantt was also one of the highest paid players in the game.

As a child, Gantt was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to play on one of the greatest football programs in the state. Aside from his exploits on the field, Gantt was also a savvy businessman, later starting a successful antiques store in Andalusia. One of his many accomplishments was teaching the same Sunday School class at Bethany Baptist Church in Heath for 30 years. The Gantt family is also known for its charitable giving, donating to many charities. In addition to his football, baseball and basketball exploits, Gantt was also a member of the Andalusia High school athletic hall of fame, recently inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Brenda Gantt’s cooking videos generate thousands of likes, comments and shares

Amongst the most popular cooking videos on Facebook is that of Brenda Gantt, a 73-year-old grandmother from Andalusia, Alabama. Gantt makes homemade biscuits and teaches people how to make them. The video that went viral in May garnered more than a million views.

Despite her social media fame, Gantt lives a fairly normal life. She still cooks for her family and has a daughter-in-law who is a great cook. She also has five grandchildren. She enjoys spending time with her family. Unlike most celebrities, she does not follow a strict schedule for posting videos. Rather, she posts twice or three times a week.

Gantt’s videos are sometimes long and they break social media rules. For example, she filmed herself holding a phone with her left hand while she made biscuits. That video went viral and generated thousands of comments. It has now been viewed more than two million times.

Gantt started her cooking videos in the comfort of her own home. She has since posted hundreds of videos and has more than two million Facebook followers. She shares stories of her life, her food and her faith.

After her husband George Patton Gantt passed away in September of 2018, Brenda took on the role of his caregiver. He suffered from Alzheimer’s. Despite losing her husband, she continues to enjoy cooking for her family. She still loves to cook good Southern country dishes. She has also catered special events for years.

Gantt is a devout Christian and she believes that eating a meal with her family is important. She believes that salvation is the key to a joyful life. She believes that sharing God’s work with a meal is a way to express faith. She says that the best part of preparing a meal is lingering over it.

Brenda Gantt has appeared on several national television shows and magazines. She has a YouTube channel called Cooking With Brenda Gantt. She has 194,000 Instagram followers and 2.7 million Facebook followers. During her road trips, she attracts viewers from all over the world.

She has also appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show. She has received thousands of comments and shares on her videos, and has more than eight million views.

Brenda Gantt is a Southern grandmother

Whether it’s her warm potato salad or her famous buttermilk biscuits, Southern grandmother Brenda Gantt is a recognizable face among people from around the world. She’s also a beloved figure in her hometown of Andalusia, Alabama, where she runs a bed and breakfast and antique store.

She’s also famous for her cooking videos. Her first video, of homemade biscuits, quickly went viral. It had over 1 million views within two weeks.

In addition to her Facebook page, she’s also on YouTube. Her videos often last up to 30 minutes and include useful tips. She also shows her fans how to fry fatback, cut up chickens, and make sawmill gravy.

She loves her fans, and she often reads the hundreds of comments and cards they send her. She’s also been featured on several magazine covers. Whether she’s cooking or chatting with her fans, she’s a free-spirited, friendly woman. She wants to make cooking fun and flavorful. She’s also interested in removing the “fuss” from cooking.

She has a white bulldog named Biscuit. She owns The Lodge cabin and a bed and breakfast, the Cottle House. She has five grandchildren. Her daughter-in-law is an exceptional cook. She’s also a retired educator.

Her husband, George Patton Gantt, died in September 2018. In his last years, he relied on Brenda for assistance. She still enjoys her children and spouse. She and her husband were active members of Bethany Baptist Church. They catered special events for years.

Her daughter-in-law, Anna Gantt, appears in many of her videos. She has an extensive collection of aprons. Her kitchen is filled with antiques.

She enjoys cooking with her family, and she often cooks with her daughter-in-law. She often sings her childhood songs.

Despite her busy schedule, she makes time for her family and friends. She’s also a devout Christian. She’s been a cancer survivor, and she’s had two extensive back surgeries. She says she feels lucky to be alive. She focuses on being grateful, and she emphasizes the importance of having friends and hobbies. She feels that bringing people together around a table creates the ultimate sense of togetherness.

Brenda Gantt is married to a woman

Until recently, you’d probably never heard of Brenda Gantt. But this Southern-infused cooking guru is an internet sensation with millions of followers on social media. Her videos have amassed tens of thousands of views within hours.

Gantt is a retired school teacher and she now runs a bed and breakfast in rural Covington County, Alabama. She opened the Cottle House Bed and Breakfast in 1996 with her late husband George Gantt.

Gantt has an estimated net worth of $1 million. She earned a degree from Livingston State University. She is the head chef at the Cottle House Bed and Breakfast. She also runs a successful antique business.

She lives in a typical Southern home with antique dressers and a big dining room table. She has a white bulldog named Biscuit. She has an eight-month waiting list for her bed and breakfast.

Gantt is a devout Christian and believes that cooking is a way to share God’s love with others. She often sings songs from her childhood. She says that salvation is the key to a joy-filled life. She has written a book, “Cooking With Brenda Gantt,” which includes recipes and personal stories.

Gantt is known for her homemade biscuits. She posted a how-to video on Facebook, which has gotten more than eight million views. She credits her cooking success to God. She says that it’s fun to see others gobble up her dishes.

Gantt is a member of the Bethany Baptist Church. She’s also active in the community, giving back to local businesses. She has helped several women-owned businesses stay afloat. She’s also been credited with boosting online worship during lockdowns. She’s also been a guest speaker at Crossover Ministries’ annual banquet.

She has five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. One of her grandchildren is Anna Gantt, who’s been featured in some of her videos. Another granddaughter, Isabella Gantt, is a gymnast.

She enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and family, and she loves to cook. She also enjoys cooking for guests at her bed and breakfast. She’s a ray of sunshine in a Southern town. She’s a devout Christian and has a lot of followers on social media.