Bonawyn Eison Net Worth

Whether you’re a big fan of Bonawyn Eison’s work or not, the fact remains that she is one of the best actresses in the business. She has an impressive net worth, and she’s been seen in many blockbuster films. But what about her life outside the screen?

XP Investments

XP Investments, Inc., has a net worth of $1.2 billion. One of the more glamorous employees is a behemoth dubbed the CFO, which was recently named as one of the best CFOs in the country by the esteemed Wall Street Journal. The most impressive feat of the exec is that she is single handedly responsible for a company wide cost reduction program. She is also credited with a feat of arms that has her in the driver’s seat for the company’s best assets. Aside from her clout, she is also credited with one of the best customer relations programs in the industry. The company is also responsible for a new breed of executive execs that are more customer centric and less egotistical than their predecessors.

The CFO also happens to be one of XP Investments’ best execs and the company is renowned for its client relations and client service. Among other accolades, she is also the proud recipient of the XP Investments Best Client Service Award.


Known as Bronwyn, Bonawyn Eison is a Financial Strategist at CNBC. She has a yearly salary of around $300,000 USD. She contributes to CNBC’s various financial programs and is regularly seen in Options Action and Options Action Action.

Her net worth is estimated at $6 million. She is also the co-anchor of Squawk Box. She joined CNBC in 2004. She works on several programs and is known as the First Lady of Wall Street.

Bonawyn Eison is the oldest child of a large family. She completed a bachelor’s degree in economics at Stanford University. She is also a graduate of International Relations at Stanford. She began her career by trading options portfolios for JPMorganChase and Citadel Global Multi-strategy fund. She moved to New York to pursue a career in financial markets.

Before joining CNBC, she worked as an intern at The New York Times. She also worked as a reporter at The Wall Street Journal. She covered China’s growth and economic challenges. She also reported on proxy voting of mutual funds.

She is also the co-anchor of On the Money. She has interviewed many business magnates. She is known for her frank discussions. She has also been nominated for two Emmy Awards in Business News. She also helped launch The Wall Street Journal website. Her wealth continues to grow with her reputation.

Bonawyn Eison is married to Thao Ngo. She has a great relationship with her spouse. They are both soulmates. Bonawyn Eison is known for being a hard worker. She always feels appreciated and loved. She has worked part-time, but still has the opportunity to earn good money.

Bonawyn Eison was born in Stockton, California. She has a son. Her wife is also a financial professional. Her income comes from her work and her husband’s.

Emerging Markets-Sunrise Brokers LLP

Considering his role as Director of Emerging Markets at Sunrise Brokers LLP, it’s safe to say Bonawyn Eison’s net worth is not in the stratosphere. But, the man is also a jack of all trades, which means he is able to devote the majority of his time to the tasks that matter most. And let’s face it, he’s the man responsible for a team of brokers working on the ground in the emerging markets.

To be fair, Bonawyn has had quite a career in the finance industry, where he has made his mark as an options trader and a director. His accomplishments have made him a worthy member of the aforementioned exec ilk. Among his most coveted accolades is a spot on the board of trustees at his alma mater. During his tenure at XP Investments, he has also received a few awards for his work. As a result, he has been able to put his name on the doorknobs of many a lucky client. But, it’s the work he does as a director that has really impressed many of his peers.

On the home front, the man has done his best to maintain a healthy work-life balance and enjoys the company of his best bud. He and his wife are besties indeed.

Career as a director

Having studied Economics at Stanford University, Bonawyn Eison started his career as an options trader at JPMorganChase, where he managed portfolios. After working there for several years, he moved to New York and aspired to have a career in the financial markets. He joined Cnbc and became a Financial Strategist, Contributor, and Partner at XP Investments, a company that offers institutional equity derivatives. He has spoken on CNBC’s Options Action and contributes regularly to several financial markets programs.

Bonawyn Eison is also an expert on investment and management issues, and his insights are regularly featured in CNBC’s business news programs and industry verticals. Bonawyn has also been an integral part of the Indian economy’s story, having played a key role in the development of CNBC-TV18, India’s first business news channel.