Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Review

Bona offers solutions for both polyurethane and hardwax oil floors, and their GREENGUARD Gold certification ensures they’re both eco-friendly and safe.

Routine floor maintenance is key for keeping your floors looking their best, such as daily sweeping or dry mopping and spot cleaning any spills immediately.

Can I Use Bona on Prefinished Hardwood Floors?

At the heart of caring for hardwood floors is selecting an appropriate cleaner. There are various products on the market designed to clean hardwood, but only Bona offers one specifically tailored to hardwood flooring – other products may scratch its surface, leave behind dull residue, or strip its color away altogether. Bona’s hardwood floor cleaner provides gentle yet streak-free shine; available as spray, refill and starter kits including microfiber mop.

Bona is suitable for use on all prefinished and unwaxed hardwood floors, including those coated in polyurethane or urethane finishes, including both types. As it’s water-based cleaner, Bona is safe for both your family and pets as well as being low in VOC emissions with a neutral pH that won’t damage either the finish or wood itself. Plus it meets strict safety standards set out by GREENGUARD Gold certification which means it meets high safety standards when exposed to children or sensitive individuals.

Bona’s cleaner offers another distinct advantage – being produced in the US without harmful chemicals. Bona uses its patented formula, combining natural ingredients with special solvents to break down dirt and grime on floors while simultaneously eliminating odors while killing germs.

This cleaner comes in an easy-to-use spray bottle for simple application. Just spray a light mist of cleaner on your floor before wiping down with microfiber cloth or mop to get rid of residue buildup or buildup from previous treatments. Regular use is advised for best results.

Bona offers more than just cleaner; their hardwood floor care products span beyond that. Their spray mops have earned rave reviews for evenly disbursing cleaner, while reusable microfiber pads reduce waste. Bona also sells wood floor buffers and polishers as well as degreasers suitable for oil-based or waxed floors.

Can I Use Bona on Polyurethane Hardwood Floors?

Bona is one of the premier flooring cleaners and floor polishers on the market, known for their pH neutral cleaning products that won’t strip your floors’ protective layers of shine and being free from bleach and other harsh chemicals – providing your hardwood floors with long-term health and protection. When using Bona on hardwood floors, rest assured they’ll remain healthy and protected!

Bona’s floor cleaners come in a range of bottles and sizes to meet a range of cleaning needs, from traditional white bottles sold at large box stores and online to its professional silver series cleaners available exclusively at select specialty flooring stores. Every formula has been tailored specifically for its intended floor type – such as being hard surface safe or certified to GREENGUARD GOLD standards to help promote indoor air quality.

The primary difference between the two formulas lies in their degreasers; professional series products contain stronger degreasers to cut through dirt and grime without damaging floors, while both contain body-safe ingredients, such as co-solvents that help combine substances that don’t mix easily — such as oil and water — so as to lift cooking spills or other sticky debris off hardwood floors instead of spreading it around.

Before applying any Bona product to wood floors, it’s vitally important to make sure they’re completely clean and dry. Any wax or oil present could prevent polish from adhering properly, creating an unsightly appearance. Bona suggests vacuuming, sweeping or dry mopping the floors to eliminate dirt or contaminants before starting work on them.

Before using any product, it’s essential to read and follow all instructions provided on its label and packaging. For instance, if your floors are finished with polyurethane finish, applying Bona’s hardwood floor polish unless specifically recommended by its manufacturer could lead to stripping away polyurethane layers and potentially necessitating full sanding and refinishing efforts of your floor surface.

Bona’s professional polishes are designed with high-durability polyurethane to offer extra protection for your floors. Furthermore, these polishes have earned GreenGuard GOLD Certification due to their low VOC emissions that help minimize indoor air pollutants. Once your floors have been refinished it’s important to let them cure fully for 72 hours after finishing before moving any furniture back onto them; doing so ensures the new finish adheres properly and will stand the test of time.

Can I Use Bona on Oil-Based Hardwood Floors?

When selecting the ideal wood floor cleaner, a number of factors must be taken into account. First and foremost is safety – for both people, pets, and finishes on hardwood floors alike. In addition, it must also provide thorough cleaning without leaving behind residue; thus making ingredient checks crucial in any product purchase decision.

Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner’s main ingredient, water, is designed to replace harmful chemicals without harming your hardwood floors in any way. Additional ingredients in Bona’s cleaner aid in providing superior results – some such as trisodium salt chelators which prevent hard water buildup by attaching metal ions from solutions and extracting them back out, while isothiazolinones from Bona prevent bacteria growth on surfaces of hardwood floors.

Bona Floor Cleaner features a special mix of diluents to dilute and combine all its ingredients for an even and thorough application that prevents streaking. In addition, its cleaning agent contains solvents to quickly dislodge dirt from hardwood floors quickly and effectively.

Bona Floor Cleaner can be safely used on polyurethane-coated hardwood floors, however it should not be applied over oil-based finishes like tung or shellac as this will leave behind a dark residue and dull the floor’s finish. Furthermore, any warranties from both floor finish manufacturers and flooring suppliers will also be voided by using Bona.

Bona’s Oil Refresher can help re-oil hardwood floors, protecting them from water spills while making your hardwood shine! Users love how easy and convenient this product is to apply, making their hardwood shine. Alternatively, Bona offers a natural floor cleaner made with essential oils which is safer for both the environment and health of their customers.

Can I Use Bona on Waxed Hardwood Floors?

Bona, established in Sweden over 90 years ago and now known worldwide for their floor care products, is renowned for their Hardwood Floor Cleaner which has earned high customer ratings. Safe for most unwaxed polyurethane floors but not recommended for waxed or oil-based finish types – for these specific floors it would be necessary to use something designed specifically for these finishes.

Bona’s Hardwood Floor Cleaner is a water-based cleaner designed to dry quickly without leaving residue or film behind. Greenguard Gold certified, it also features hypoallergenic properties which make it suitable for households with young children or pets, without bleach, ammonia, phosphates, dyes, parabens formaldehyde or petroleum distillates – though containing small amounts of trisodium phosphate which helps prevent hard water buildup as well as isothiazolinone preservatives which act as preservatives by eliminating harmful bacteria.

Like other water-based hardwood floor cleaners, Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner can be used without having to rinse afterwards. Simply spray directly on the surface of the floor, and wipe down with either a microfiber mop or Bona Spray Mop after being applied – be careful not to oversaturate either one! Excess moisture may damage wood flooring so try mopping with direction of floorboards so as to reduce streaking.

Although safe for most floors, this cleaner should not be used on those featuring polyurethane-waxed finishes as this will dull their shine and remove protective polyurethane layers. Also if in doubt as to the finish your floor has, seek professional advice first.

Bona is an environmentally responsible company and all their products are designed to be as safe and healthy for the planet and your family as possible. Their ingredients have been chosen carefully for maximum health benefits and all their products have undergone safety testing before going on the shelves.