Bon Affair Wine Net Worth 2022

Founded in 2010, Bon Affair is a winery that specializes in small production and hand-crafted wines. The wines are made in small batches and shipped out to consumers throughout the world. The company is led by Jayla Siciliano, who is the largest wine buyer at Costco.

Founder Jayla Siciliano’s net worth

Inventor and entrepreneur Jayla Siciliano launched her wine spritzer called Bon Affair after deciding to leave her job as a global product specialist for Diesel Footwear. Jayla needed a lighter, everyday wine option. She wanted a beverage that could be enjoyed during social gatherings.

Jayla’s wine spritzers are available in a variety of stores, including Whole Foods Markets in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Orange County. The product is also available on Amazon in 43 states. In six weeks, Bon Affair sold $11,000.

The Shark Tank has been supportive of Jayla’s efforts. On Season 5 of the show, Jayla pitched Bon Affair to the Sharks. She was hoping to get help with licensing and distribution. She also wanted to get an equity deal with a major winery. Mark Herjavec ended up signing a deal with Bon Affair.

In order to get a wine spritzer on the market, Jayla needed money. She spent her savings and 401-k to get the product on store shelves. Her wine was sold in 10 Whole Foods locations before Shark Tank. She had a distributor, Scotto Cellars, distribute Bon Affair in large retail stores.

Jayla’s wine spritzers have no sugar, are gluten-free, and are made with quality California wine. The product is sold online, at Nordstrom, Whole Foods Markets, Amazon, and other retail stores. It also comes in two flavors, Sauvignon Blanc and Syrah.

Jayla’s wine spritzers were introduced on ABC’s primetime show Shark Tank. The show allows aspiring entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas. In addition, they have to answer questions from the Sharks. It’s not uncommon for 80% of businesses on Seasons 5-9 to make a profit.

Jayla Siciliano started her business in 2012, and raised $500,000 to start production. She invested $35k of her own money. She also hired a Michigan bottler. She also spent a year getting into Whole Foods Markets. She said she aims to get her product into Costco.

Mark Cuban invested $150,000 in the company. He also offered $135,000 for a 35% stake in the company. Jayla was hoping to get help with licensing and distribution.


Invented in southern France in the 1950s, the wine spritzer is a drink combining three quarters of a glass of wine with one quarter chilled club soda. While a wine spritzer isn’t new, its emergence in the United States has made it a popular choice.

The wine spritzer is a beverage aficionado will be interested in learning about, especially if he or she is interested in avoiding the calories involved with drinking a regular glass of wine. Its main advantages include its ability to hydrate the body more effectively than a glass of water, its ability to aid in the control of a hangover, and its low calorie content. In the United States, the wine spritzer market is expected to grow by 40% in the coming years, according to the Wine Institute.

Bon Affair is a relatively new company that has already made a splash on the national wine scene. The company produces two wine spritzers: the Red Wine Spritzer and the Syrah Wine Spritzer. Currently, the company is only available in California, but it is looking to expand its distribution into more states. It is also available online from its website. Its two bottles retail for $15 each. The company offers a 30-day return policy. Its wine spritzer was designed to appeal to busy women on the go who want a lighter, more approachable wine.

The wine spritzer is also the newest fad in the bottled beverage industry. Its manufacturer, Jayla Siciliano, created it as a solution to a growing need. She was tired of drinking heavy wines and wanted something lighter and more approachable. She had also been drinking the usual vodka and soda combos and decided that she wanted a wine spritzer of her own. She recruited a Michigan bottler to produce the beverage.

The Bon Affair Wine Company made its debut on Shark Tank, where Jayla pitched her idea to Sharks Kevin O’Leary and Barbara Corcoran. She took home $450,000 from the investors, whose opinion of the beverage was well received. However, her investment was a mere fraction of the $1 million she had asked for.

Costco’s largest purchaser of wine

Among the leading companies in the wine business is Costco. It has more wine in stock than any other retailer. It sells wine at a lower price than its competitors. It offers customers a variety of benefits when they purchase wine from Costco.

Costco has 337 stores in 34 states, and they deliver to 12 states. Costco has 68 million members. They also sell alcohol to people in 11 states. It’s not a requirement to join to purchase alcohol. However, many states have laws that prohibit members from purchasing alcohol.

Annette Alvarez-Peters is Costco’s chief wine buyer. She joined the company in 1983. She worked in the auto parts department and then the electronics division before taking on the wine buyer position. Alvarez-Peters has been instrumental in helping Costco become one of the leading wine retailers in the world.

Costco has an established relationship with wine producers and is known for offering a variety of quality wines at reasonable prices. The company also has a strict return policy for alcoholic beverages. This is one reason it is considered the top retailer in the wine business.

Costco is the largest buyer of wine in the U.S., and it also has the largest international wine business. Its wines have a large cult following. The company offers wine at almost half of its stores. It also has 804 warehouses in various nations.

The company has launched its first warehouse in China, and it has planned to expand into Sweden and New Zealand. Its wines are available at a discount because of its membership model. It also sells wines at a lower price than most retail outlets. The company is the largest American importer of French wines.

Costco also offers a wine delivery service. Customers can add wine to their Costco Instacart and have it delivered to their homes. They typically receive their wine on Monday or Tuesday.

Costco’s wine list changes frequently. It also features winemakers on the back of the bottles. They also offer Bordeaux futures. It’s not uncommon for Costco to sell wine for 10-20 percent less than its competitors. It also offers wine in bulk at a discount.

Shipping cost

Trying to ship wine across the country can be a frustrating experience. The cost to ship a case of wine is a complicated equation, and depends on many factors. The weight of the bottles, the box they are shipped in, the destination, and the discount rate are all factors in determining how much the shipping cost will be.

The cost to ship a case of wine will vary depending on the winery. Some wineries will use a delivery service or have their bottles shipped by UPS or FedEx. Depending on where the winery is located, shipping rules may be different from state to state.

The cost to ship a bottle of wine will increase depending on how many bottles are being shipped. The cost will also increase if you are shipping a package to a business address. This is especially true if you are shipping wine across state lines.

The cost to ship a case or bottle of wine can be as much as $10 to $25. Many online wine stores will offer a discount for shipping. Some wineries will even offer free shipping. The price of shipping a case of wine may also be impacted by the price of gas.

Most wineries use FedEx or UPS to ship their products. The shipping cost will increase depending on the weight of the bottles and the box they are shipped in. The cost will also increase if you need to ship your wine to a rural area. This is because more driving is needed for each package.

The cost to ship a case may be higher if you are ordering your wine from a wine club. This is because some wine clubs choose to ship their wine from warehouses in the midwest. Most wineries will ship their products to 45 states.

Bon Affair has been around for four years and was started by entrepreneur Jayla Siciliano. She was looking for a lighter everyday wine. She also wanted to find a way to distribute her wine. Luckily, she found a partner in Mark Cuban, who was interested in investing in her business.