Bobby Deerfield Quotes

If you want to know more about the famous bobby deerfield quotes, read this article. You will learn about his relationship with Lillian Morelli, his attitude towards her, and even how he feels about his brother. It’s sure to be a fascinating read. The article also includes some of Lillian’s most beautiful and heart-warming quotes.

Famous bobby deerfield quotes

One of the most famous Formula One auto racers in history, Bobby Deerfield, was famous for his self-centered and control-obsessed nature. The story revolves around a fiery crash that kills his teammate and injures another competitor. In the morning, he wakes up with a start and goes to the bathroom. After, he comes back to bed and lies in the dark dreaming about his day at the racetrack. He gets into a car with some others and crashes into a second car.

During the crash, Lillian tells Bobby that her father died at a young age, which makes him suspicious. Lillian, who is a devoted bocce enthusiast, questions the motives behind Bobby’s decision to drive his Formula One car. In addition, she wonders whether he is still driving in circles. When he answers yes, Lillian asks him to remove his sunglasses, since she hates looking in mirrors. However, Bobby tells Lillian that he wears his sunglasses so he won’t be recognized by her.

Relationship between bobby deerfield and lillian morelli

Bobby and Lillian are a couple in love. But their relationship is like a caricature, and the two don’t seem to be able to make any sense of each other. Lillian speaks in riddles and says outrageous things, and Bobby finds it hard to understand her. He once told Lillian that she was confusing him. The two are now back together, but it’s not the same as before.

Bobby, played by James Garner, visits his injured friend at a Swiss sanatorium and meets the curious Lillian Morelli (Marthe Keller). Lillian has a mysterious illness, and is about to flee the clinic, but Bobby persuades her to come with him. Lillian babbles about whatever comes to her mind, and provides an irrepressible counterpoint to Bobby’s restraint. As the relationship between Bobby and Lillian develops, the two are unable to make the decision to leave Lillian and move on.

Lillian’s attitude towards him

Lillian’s attitude towards Bobby Deerfeld has a number of facets. She is fast-thinking, and ferocious. She shares Bobby’s love of racing. Lillian also dislikes mirrors. She asks Bobby to remove his sunglasses before she sees him, but Bobby claims that he wears sunglasses to avoid being recognized.

Deerfield also notices Lillian and her free-spirited spirit. When they are in Milan, he offers to take her there. The two begin to fall in love.

His attitude towards his brother

In ‘Bobby Deerfield’s Attitude Toward His Brother,’ Al Pacino plays a man with a strained relationship with his brother. The alcoholic Deerfield is the oldest brother of Lillian Morelli, a dying woman who begs his brother to spend some time with her, learning more about life. But when Lillian tells Deerfield that her mother has a terminal illness, he storms off to his room, screaming and swearing at her.

‘Bobby Deerfield’ features one of the best performances of Al Pacino’s career. Despite being an overt melodrama, ‘Bobby Deerfield’manages to achieve its objectives. The actors are fantastic, bringing the character to life in the best possible way. The film’s gorgeous landscapes in France and Italy also contribute to the film’s beauty.