BMT Brighton Line Schedule – Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

The BMT Brighton Line serves Sheepshead Bay, a Brooklyn neighborhood. Its express station, Sheepshead Bay, is served by the Q train every hour, and on weekdays, the B train. The station is also served by a number of buses and taxis.

The B train operates on weekdays between Brighton Beach in Brooklyn and 145th Street in Manhattan. During rush hours, the B also extends to Bedford Park Boulevard in the Bronx. It begins at 5:58 AM and runs until 8:53 PM. There are 35 stations along the B train’s route.

The Sheepshead Bay subway station serves the Brooklyn neighborhood. The B train and Q train run through the neighborhood, but there may be a change in schedules on Veterans Day. You can also check the schedule of the 6 Avenue Express Subway line. You can also get live arrival times for the B train with the Moovit app.

Q Trains also bypass Avenue U & Neck Road. Southbound Q Trains travel on the Express Track north of Brighton Beach. They will run normally to Coney Island. B trains will continue to skip Avenue U and Neck Rd, while Manhattan-bound Q Trains will continue to operate on the Southbound Express Track.

B trains also continue to run along the West End Line. In 1988, they resumed service to Coney Island via the West End Line. During weekday rush hours, B trains continue to run along four and six avenues. They also extended their service to the 168 Street terminal and extended their off-peak hours to the 57 Street-Queensbridge terminal.