Blue October Quotes

blue october quotes

The lyrics of Blue October quotes have many references to Texas. The band’s Shout Outs evoke stories and references that a first-time listener wouldn’t know. They also use Texas references, which made Texas fans fall in love with the band. Other songs on the album don’t contain many geographical references, but there’s a song on Approaching Normal called “The Flight (Lincoln to Minneapolis).”

Positive songs in Blue October

The album Blue October has a number of songs with uplifting themes. Songs like “Calling You” and “Blue Dose” are about love, and “Blue Skies” and “Blue Does” are about the band’s newborn daughters. The lyrics in these songs are incredibly inventive and show how passionate the band is about the music.

Blue October is an alternative rock band from Houston, Texas. Its members are Justin and Jeremy Furstenfeld, who are brothers who formed the band in 1995. Other members have come and gone throughout the band’s history. The band’s songs are largely autobiographical in nature, with themes ranging from addiction to mental illness to love and divorce.

The band has toured extensively throughout its career, performing shows with a variety of artists. Their intense live performances have garnered high praise from music critics. They have also played several major music festivals. Blue October currently tours in support of their new album, Sway. For more information on the album, visit blueoctober.

References to Texas

If you love Texas, you’ll love Blue October. The Texas-based rock band formed in 1995 and has a diverse lineup of talented musicians. The band features brothers Justin and Jeremy Furstenfeld on guitar and vocals, brothers Matt Noveskey on bass, Will Knaak on lead guitar, and keyboardist/violin Ryan Delahoussaye. The band has seen many ups and downs in their career, but their devotion to each other is apparent.