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Regardless of the fact that Bjorn Borg was not the first person to ever write a tennis match off as a sport, he is still considered to be a bona fide tennis legend. He won the most games in the history of the game, and was the first player to ever win five consecutive Wimbledon titles. He also helped Sweden win its first Davis Cup. He was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1987. He also founded a successful sportswear company in the early 1990s.

Bjorn Borg was also known for his wittiness and his wits. He won five consecutive championships, and was the only player to win the Grand Slam singles competition at least three times. He also smashed the record for most consecutive cup singles matches, beating Bill Tilden’s record of twelve. He is a genuinely interesting character, and is a very popular figure of the sport. He is also very good at repartee, and a master of the art of the sport. He has been described as a perfectionist, and his pranks have earned him the ire of a number of players.

Bjorn Borg was an active member of the tennis scene for most of his life. He started out as a junior player in Sweden, and earned his first major tournament win at the age of seventeen. He was also a member of the world’s greatest junior players, which is a feat in itself. In the late 1980s, Borg announced his intention to retire from professional tennis, but in the end he re-emerged with a vengeance, and helped Sweden win the first Davis Cup. He also founded a sportswear company in the early 1990s, and has starred in several movies, including a starring role in the Oscar-nominated film The Agony and the Ecstasy. He also has a long list of honors. Among them are the aforementioned Grand Slam singles titles and a number of other accolades. The only downside is that Bjorn Borg is a tad short-tempered. Nevertheless, he has been around for many years, and has managed to maintain a high level of popularity.


During his career, Bjorn Borg won eleven Grand Slam titles and won an enviable 82% of his matches. His heyday was in the 1970s and early 1980s. He was a star player during that period, earning over a million dollars in a single season. He also had several successful ventures in the business world and he launched his own fashion and sports apparel company in 1989.

Borg started out playing pro tennis at sixteen years of age. He was the first player to earn a million dollars in a single season. During his career, he was a stalwart in the Swedish tennis scene and he was ranked World No. 1.

The golden racket that launched Borg’s career was the one his father won in a tennis competition. Borg became fascinated with the racquet and his love of tennis grew exponentially.

Borg had a number of other notable achievements, but the best of them all was winning the most important trophy in the game of tennis. That trophy is the Wimbledon title. He won it in 1977. He was a role model to tennis players around the world.

Borg also had a number of other ‘big wins’, including winning four singles titles at the Italian Open in 1976. He also won the Swedish Davis Cup for the first time. He was married to professional Romanian tennis player Mariana Simionescu in 1980 and they divorced in 1984. He had a child with Jannike Bjorling in 1985.

He had a number of other notable achievements, including winning the most important trophy in the game of Tennis, the Wimbledon title. He also won the best ‘Mirror’ or ‘Mirror Mover’ of all time, the French Open title.

Throughout his career, Borg had an impressive career win percentage, winning 33 matches and earning over $3,655,751 in prize money. He was also a role model to a number of players and is considered one of the all-time greats in the game of tennis. In 2006, Bjorn Borg sold the lifetime rights to his name trademark to World Brand Management for an impressive 18 million dollars.

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Known as the first player to win 11 Grand Slam singles titles, Bjorn Borg is a former Swedish tennis player who made his name in the sport through his innovative style of play. He has won six French Open titles and five Wimbledon championships, becoming the first male player in the Open Era to win five of them. During his career, Borg has won over 300 tournaments and has won more than a dozen Grand Slam tournaments.

In his early years, Borg won the junior singles title at Wimbledon, and was a representative for Sweden in the Davis Cup. His first professional tournament was at age 15, and he won a quarterfinal match in his first Wimbledon Championship. He defeated an established pro named Onny Parun. He was also named the ITF World Champion in 1978 and 1980.

He married professional Romanian tennis player Mariana Simionescu in 1980, and they were together for four years. After Divorcing, Borg met Jannike Bjorling. They had a son together, Leo, in 2003.

Borg has also won sixteen Grand Prix Super Series titles. He is the first player to win more than $1 million in tournament money in a single year. This amount is equivalent to $4 million today.

Borg also earned money through sponsorships and endorsements, making him a very successful tennis player. He was the ATP Player of the Year from 1976 to 1980. He won five consecutive Wimbledon titles in 1980.

Borg is still teaching tennis to young prospects, and has a very popular undergarment brand. He has launched a new perfume, With Love, from the Bjorn Borg brand. He also owns a Fat Borg Burger chain in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2006, he sold the lifetime rights to his name trademark to World Brand Management for 18 million dollars.

He is the owner of a sportswear brand, and has two other wives. He was married to Loredana Berte in 1989, and to Patricia Ostfeldt in 2002. He and his wife are not well known in the media, but their relationship is still private.


During the late 1970s, Bjorn Borg was the most successful tennis player in the world. He won 77 top-level singles titles, including six French Opens and four Wimbledon titles. He was also an ITF World Champion. He won his first Wimbledon junior title in 1972 and his first top-level singles title in 1974.

Borg’s style was unmistakable, and he dominated the tennis world for seven years. He was also the first Swedish player to earn over a million dollars in tournaments.

Borg won a total of five French Opens and five Wimbledon titles in the 1980s. He was also the first player to win at least three Roland-Garros and Wimbledon titles. In all, Borg won more titles than any other athlete in the world.

Borg’s style was a blend of rock ‘n roll and tennis. His style was best suited for the grass courts. He used a two-handed backhand. He was also known for his topspin on his forehands. He was also known for his flamboyance. Borg wore a white dress shirt, black shoes and black tie. He had a great style and a powerful game.

Borg has been married three times. His first wife was Loredana Berte, whom he married in 1989. He also married Romanian tennis pro Mariana Simionescu in July 1980. After their divorce, Borg married Patricia Ostfeld in 2002.

Borg’s net worth is estimated to have grown in the past few years. His clothing line has been successful in Sweden. In 2013, it was worth 912 million Swedish kronor. He also owns several luxury cars. He owns a Ferrari 308 GTS QV. He also owns a home in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Borg has an inner dimension for charity, which started in the early years of his career. He has worked with the John and Patty McEnroe Foundation. He also worked with the United States Davis Cup team. He has also promoted Nutriment supplements. He has also played a role in the movie “Racquet”.

Borg’s tennis career ended at the age of 26. After a successful career, Borg decided to pursue other interests. He founded his own clothing line in 1989. In 1990, the company went bankrupt. The proceeds were used to fund smaller charities.