Billy Molls Net Worth

During his tenure as a big game guide he has logged countless hours of grueling backcountry work. He has also had the honor of guiding the likes of countless big game enthusiasts over the past two decades. In addition to showcasing his wares on camera, Molls also offers some of the best Alaska hunting adventures around. He also happens to be a pretty darn good photographer himself.

Not surprisingly, Molls is also a self-proclaimed hunting geek. It’s not uncommon to find him on the prowl for Alaskan deer, moose and other game species in the warmer months. Aside from the actual hunting season, Molls is also a bona fide multimedia content producer, releasing several dozen DVDs a year. The company also provides a full complement of video and audio services for event productions, music recording, live audio and video productions, and on-demand video editing.

Molls has also produced several other high-quality televised hunting programs. Aside from the usual suspects, Molls has also provided a bounty of free video content, including video and audio interviews with the likes of renowned hunting gurus Corey Lee and Doug Davidson, as well as countless other luminaries in the industry. Billy Molls is also a fan of social media, which has been credited with helping to further bolster his image as a bona fide hunting pro. Despite the fact that Molls lives in Wisconsin, his adventures go global. He is currently based in the Great Lakes region of the state. He is also a proud member of the National Association of Professional Hunters.