Bill Penzey Net Worth

Bill Penzey is one of the most respected American businessmen. He is the CEO of Penzeys Spices and earns around $1.2 million per year. Born in Wisconsin, Penzey has worked his way up from an allowance of $1 a week as a boy to a fortune of around $100 million. Today, he is still a highly sought after businessman and he continues to make headlines with his many successes.

In early 2019, Penzey’s politics were in the news. He announced plans to spend $700,000 on anti-Trump ads. His “Republicans are Racist” email reached international audiences, accusing all Republicans of being racists who fantasize about killing black people. Penzey’s social media platform quickly expanded when he launched his own company Facebook page, and he has continued to speak out on social issues.

While Penzey has never sought to gain notoriety through his political activism, his controversial stances have drew the ire of conservatives and delight from liberals alike. However, Penzey’s views are firmly based in his belief in the dangers of the Trump presidency. His company has spent over $700,000 on Facebook ads advocating impeachment, more than any other business except for the Trump reelection campaign.

The money that Penzey earns from his rants against Donald Trump and Republicans is not surprising, given that his company has a headquarters outside of Milwaukee. Penzey is an outspoken critic of racism, and has even said that black people are the only ones in the company who do not have equal access to the opulently priced ice cream. Nonetheless, his political activism has helped him to accumulate a net worth of around $100 million, which is a staggering sum by any standards.

As a businessman, Penzey’s net worth comes from his success in establishing Penzeys Spices. The company grew to become America’s largest personal zest store. His business is still growing today and he continues to make headlines for his bold political views. The CEO’s political opinions have often caused a backlash in the company, resulting in negative publicity. However, the CEO has never held back his insights from customers.

In 1986, Penzey launched the company as a mail-order business. As a young boy, he worked in the family business, as his parents owned a spice store in a minority neighborhood of Milwaukee. Penzeys Spices is now a worldwide business and his first retail store opened in 1994. By the year 2021, Penzeys Spices will have over 53 outlets. Penzey’s net worth includes all of these companies.