Bilal Hazziez Net Worth

Earlier, Bilal Hazziez was known to be one of the best real estate investors in the Kansas City area. In fact, he has been a part of the real estate industry for the past fifteen years. But despite his success, he has been criticized for his deceptive ways. He has been accused of hiding his wealth from his future wife. He did so to test her commitment to him.

Bilal Hazziez was not born into wealth, but he worked hard to get there. He started as a firefighter, which led him to work in the real estate industry. He is now a real estate investor, real estate agent, and the CEO of a real estate firm. His salary can range from $105,000 to $200,000. He also earns commissions from sales. His mother is a doctor and his father is a respected member of society. His father owns four houses and four properties.

Bilal Hazziez is a 42-year-old man from Kansas City, Missouri. He is a public speaker and real estate investor. He is also a member of a prestigious muslin family. He has two children and a wife. He has an Instagram account with 29k followers. He posts about selling houses and his real estate work. He is known for his charming smile. He has also appeared on the TLC reality show, 90 Day Fiance. He has a lot of clients and his salary is estimated to be $200K. But he has been accused of deceiving his fiancee, Shaeeda Sween, about his wealth. He even lied about his social status in order to test her commitment.

In addition to his career as a real estate agent, Bilal Hazziez also works for a recruitment firm, Zip Recruiter. He also works as a real estate investor and he earns a paycheck from TLC’s reality show.

On the 90 Day Fiance reality show, Bilal Hazziez worked hard to bring his fiancee to the United States from Trinidad and Tobago. He rented a home in the wealthy neighborhood of Overland Park. But when he went to Trinidad and Tobago, he found out that he could not bring his fiancee to the United States because of the Covid-19 pandemic. So, he decided to sell the property. He got a great deal on the house, which is estimated to be half a million dollars. He also has a Mercedes. He plans to bring his fiancee to the United States to marry. But, he has a hard time getting a K1 visa because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

His wife is a yoga instructor from Trinidad and Tobago. She was also a part of the 90 Day Fiance franchise. She became a favorite of the viewers. Bilal Hazziez married her during the ninth season of the show. Bilal Hazziez had been married before, but he divorced his first wife, Shahida, seven years ago.

Bilal Hazziez is known for his flamboyant personality and his ability to work with people. He is also a philanthropist. He wants to help people achieve financial freedom. He has a successful real estate business and he has a great number of clients.