Bezz Believe Net Worth

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Whether you are familiar with the music of Bezz Believe or not, you are probably aware of his hit song ‘Herculeez’ from the movie Hercules. But you may not know where Bezz Believe was born or where he was raised.

Bezz Believe was born on December 28, 1988 in Phoenix, Arizona. His family moved to Florida when he was four. He has two siblings, Doug and Brad. Bezz Believe’s brother Doug also performs under the stage name D-Fresh. Brad Markovitz helped to shape the careers of Big Sean and Drake. Brad Markovitz was also born in Phoenix, Arizona. During his teenage years, Brad Markovitz began to focus on his music career.

After publishing his debut mixtape, Bezz Believe became a popular rapper. His mixtape went viral and helped him become an internet sensation. After Bezz’s mixtape was released, he has opened for Drake, Big Sean and more. Bezz Believe is a successful rapper and has earned a net worth of around $1.5 million.

Bezz Believe has also been working with rapper Shaquille O’Neal. O’Neal has worked with Bezz Believe on several occasions and has also been a major influence in his music career. O’Neal has won four NBA Championships and has a platinum-selling album. He has also played a number of box office movie roles. Bezz Believe has also collaborated with Kevin Gates and BWA Ron. He also has a passion for tattoos. Bezz Believe has a long-time girlfriend, Ryah.

Despite his success, Bezz Believe hasn’t been married and keeps his personal life a secret. He’s also engaged to his long-time girlfriend Ryah, who has been by his side since he was a little kid. Bezz Believe also has a baby with his girlfriend.


Despite his humble beginnings, Bezz Believe is no stranger to acclaim, awards, and accolades. He has earned the distinction of being a bona fide rapper and has been open to the public for years, and has a sizable social media following. He has a longtime girlfriend, Ryah, and has two kids. His net worth is estimated to be in the tens of millions.

The name Bezz Believe may not be known by a large number of Americans, but the man has been gracing the streets of Florida since his days as a student at the University of Central Florida. He has a large social media following, and has released a handful of songs, one of which has earned him a place on the UFC anthem of all time list.

Music career

Despite his relatively modest career, Bezz Believe is one of the wealthiest rappers in Arizona. His net worth is estimated to be about $10 million in 2019, and he is estimated to have a net worth of around $2.5 million in 2020. He is a prolific rapper, and his songs have gone viral several times. His song ‘Herculeez’ featured in the Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson film Hercules.

Bezz Believe has been in the music industry for several years. He has collaborated with several big names in the industry including Lil Wyte, BWA Ron, Stevie Stone, and Alexander King. His most notable song is ‘Herculeez’, which featured in the Dwayne ‘The rock’ Johnson film Hercules.

As a rapper, Bezz Believe has released a couple of successful mixtapes, but his biggest hit was his song ‘Herculeez’. He also landed a spot on the UFC anthem.

The song ‘Herculeeuz’ featured in the Dwayne ‘The rock’ Johnson film Hercules, which is a pretty impressive feat. Bezz Believe’s debut mixtape went viral and his net worth has skyrocketed. As a rapper, he has also opened for big names such as Drake and Big Sean.

Bezz Believe has recently released his latest album ‘Freedom’ and is in the process of negotiations with Sony. He has plans to shoot music videos for all of the songs on his mixtape. He also plans to add a message to his next project. He has also been dating his long-time girlfriend, Ryah. In addition to rapping, Bezz enjoys photography, traveling, and reading. He also has a passion for tattoos.

Bezz Believe was born on December 28, 1988 in Phoenix, Arizona. He moved to Florida when he was four years old. He has a brother named Doug, who also has a music career.

Social media following

Known for his hip-hop style and his unique style of rapping, Bezz Believe is one of the biggest rappers in Florida. The rapper hails from Phoenix, Arizona, and moved to Florida when he was four. He’s been rapping since age twelve. Throughout his career, Bezz has worked with some big names, including BWA Ron, Kevin Gates, and Gucci Mane. His best song is the “Herculeez” that appeared in the Dwayne Johnson blockbuster Hercules.

Bezz Believe is a powerful rapper. His lyrics are often skewed right-wing rap Madlibs. He also has a number of social media followings, including his own YouTube channel. In addition to his rapping abilities, Bezz has a number of interests, including internet surfing, photography, and learning. He enjoys reading, and has a passion for learning new things. In addition to his hip-hop style, Bezz has also made some funny videos. The rapper has even dabbled in OnlyFans, a YouTube channel that focuses on mostly solo male content.

Bezz Believe has a bachelor’s degree from a public US state university. He took a semester off to focus on his music career. During his career, Bezz has made a name for himself, and has opened for some of the biggest names in hip-hop, including Drake and Big Sean. In 2011, Bezz released a mixtape entitled Live From Niagara Falls that went viral. He’s also made some cool videos and has been featured in a number of movies. In addition to his music, Bezz has also worked with some famous people, including Shaquille O’Neal. In fact, Bezz convinced O’Neal to rap on a song.

Among the many awards that Bezz has received, he was a nominee for Best Rapper in the Florida Music Awards. In addition, Bezz has been featured in the Dwayne Johnson blockbuster film Hercules, as well as the YouTube video “Best of the Best.”


Despite being a rapper, Bezz Believe keeps his personal life private. He has no known girlfriends or marriage. His net worth is estimated at $200,000. But Bezz Believe is expected to grow in wealth in the future.

As a rapper, Bezz Believe earned money from the sales of his music. He also earns from branded merchandising. His average sponsorship amount is between $820.5 – $1,367.5. He has a Facebook page with over 144,000 likes and over 26,000 followers on Twitter. In addition, Bezz Believe has his own website. His YouTube channel has 162K subscribers. Bezz Believe has released several albums in 2011.

Bezz Believe has performed with Big Sean, Drake, and Gucci Mane. He also has opened for Drake. The rapper’s debut mixtape, Live From Niagara Falls, was a huge success. It went viral. The rapper also collaborated with Kevin Gates and Mook Boy.

As of May 2021, Bezz Believe is 32 years old. He was born on December 28, 1988. He has dark brown hair and eyes. He stands at a height of 5 feet 4 inches. His weight is average. He has tattoos on his body. Bezz Believe is a very good looking rapper. He has a great body shape.

Bezz Believe has an estimated net worth of about $12 million. He is one of the richest rappers in the world. His net worth will increase due to the success of his releases. He has a huge fan base. Bezz Believe has over one hundred thousand followers on his Instagram account. He has also developed a large following on Twitter and Tumblr. He has a website and YouTube channel. He has earned money by performing and promoting his projects. He also sells his own signature clothes.