Betty Boop Quotes Funny

betty boop quotes funny

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Betty Boop is a daredevil

The iconic 1930s cartoon character Betty Boop is a dare devil who inspires us to live a life of fearlessness. The character was a colorful mix of audacity, class, sassiness, and courage. Here are some Betty Boop quotes to inspire your own daredevil spirit.

As a child, Betty Boop would take on any challenge. She would often perform daredevil stunts, like diving off buildings and balancing on top of skeletons. She would also sing at a skeletons’ dance. The big lifeguard would help her perform these daredevil feats.

In one episode, Betty Boop is a dare-devil who gets a drunken Mr. Al E. Katz, an employee of the Mouse Eradicator’s company. Betty Boop also hires Pudgy the Pup to play with mice. While he is on the job, Mr. Katz gets a little too drunk. In another dream, Betty Boop builds a fire so hot that Hell is freezing. Then she goes to the subway and sings Hell’s Bells to make Hell freeze over. This time, Pudgy the Pup follows her to the subway, and gets more than he bargained for.

Betty Boop is a jazz singer

In the 1930s, the jazz singer and cartoon character Betty Boop made her screen debut in a Fleischer Studios cartoon called “Dizzy Dishes.” Though she never spoke, Betty’s high-pitched voice and outrageous outfit quickly became iconic. She is known for her hoop earrings and visible garter. The cartoon character even inspired Jean Paul Gaultier to design a fragrance featuring her name. However, the project was never finished. Although it had begun filming, the project was abandoned two weeks before the voice recording.

In addition, an obscure PBS article suggested that Betty Boop was modeled after a black performer from the Jazz Age. That was wrong, and PBS should have removed the article. However, this has caused quite a stir and has become the source of a rewritten version of Betty Boop’s story. In the meantime, the show’s host, Taraji P. Henson, is still denying the allegations.

In the thirty-third cartoon, “Betty Boop and the Bamboo Isle,” Betty Boop discovers that she is not white. A motor boat turns into a dog house when Bimbo arrives on the island, so Bimbo ends up in Betty’s canoe and sings a song to her. Bimbo uses the bone as an earring to become a native, but Betty refuses to listen.

The cartoon character was inspired by a real-life African-American entertainer from the 1920s named Esther Jones. Esther Jones performed at the Cotton Club in Harlem, NY regularly, and her trademark singing sounds were the Doo-Doo-Doo and Boo-Boo-Boo.