Betty Boop Hump Day Quotes

betty boop hump day quotes

Betty Boop is an iconic character, who made her debut in the 1930s. Originally titled Blondie, the cartoon character is also known as the lovable flapper girl. While this image of Betty Boop does not have any meaning, it conveys the spirit and energy of jazz music. Despite her wacky appearance, Betty Boop still managed to remain popular among children and adults.

While most female cartoon characters were clones of their male co-stars, Betty Boop stood out. She wore a short dress, high heels, and a garter, and was the first to depict the sexuality of a woman. However, the Hays Code made the character a more modest image, and she was relegated to a more submissive role, which made her a popular cartoon character.

Betty Boop cartoons are now available in digital form, thanks to the Internet. She has over 110 cartoon appearances. The rights to her cartoons were sold to television syndicator UM&M in 1955. National Telefilm Associates later reorganized the company as Republic Pictures. However, in 2012, the company folded and Melange Pictures became the theatrical distributor for the Boop cartoons. The company inherited the rights to the cartoons from CBS Television Distribution. The other two major companies that still distribute Betty Boop cartoons are Paramount Global and CBS Media Ventures.