Betsy Mikesell Net Worth – How Much Is Betsy Mikesell Worth?

Earlier, Betsy Mikesell was a hairstylist, but after gaining fame, she started doing videos as a YouTube star. She has over 100,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and has received a Silver Play Button. She has also been promoted by many brands including Express, Kiava Clothing, Ypsilon Dresses, and Cents of Style.

She is currently living in the United States. She has three children. Her sons are Boston and Brock, and her daughter is Alyssa. Her daughter is a vlogger and has her own Instagram account. She has made a name for herself in the YouTube world, but has kept her personal life under wraps. She has also been in a few past relationships.

In January 2019, Betsy Mikesell launched her own YouTube channel. Her first video, titled “Break in: Caught on Security Camera| The Mikesell Family,” gained over 3k likes and a few comments. Since then, she has uploaded over 100 more videos and has received over a million views. She has received some cash from ads and sponsored videos. She has also been featured on TikTok.

Her husband, Gentry Mikesell, is a content creator and entrepreneur. He is also a YouTuber. He was raised in a Christian family. He had previously worked as a managing partner at Moxie Logistics. Despite his professional career, he appeared on his wife’s youtube channel for the first time.

The Mikesell family was involved in a plane accident in 2020. The accident resulted in several broken ribs, bruised lungs, and neck injuries. The accident occurred in Duchesne Country near Moon Lake. It was due to a lack of power in the engine that caused the accident. The crash also sparked controversy. One viewer commented that the family’s accident “wasn’t something I would’ve wanted to happen in real life.”

She is married to Gentry, and they have three children. Her daughter is a YouTuber named Alyssa and her son is a teenager. She has a sister named Jennifer. She is currently working on her next series of videos for her YouTube channel.

She has been a very active social media user, and has a huge following on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. She hasn’t disclosed the name of her University, but she has been known to attend Paul Mitchell School in Provo.

In addition to her youtube career, Betsy Mikesell has made her mark in the fashion industry as the founder of the zipper bedding brand Beddy’s. She has a net worth of about $1 million. She has a family of her own, and is the matriarch of the Mikesell family YouTube channel. The channel has more than 190,000 subscribers and over 27 million perspectives. The family is known for their entertaining vlogs. They have a family-friendly YouTube channel that caters to families. They have over 180k endorsers.

While she has been involved in some past relationships, Betsy Mikesell is not part of any major scandals. She has not publicly discussed her marriage, but she has been known to keep her personal life under wraps.