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beth dutton quotes yellowstone memes

Beth Dutton quotes are funny and sassy. She’s been compared to Cersei from Game of Thrones and even has funny scenes between Travis Wheatley and Rip Wheeler. The best one, though, was probably when she made fun of her man’s shriveled testicles.

sassy quotes by Beth Dutton

If you’ve been following the show Yellowstone on TV, you’ve probably already heard about the character Beth Dutton. She’s a tough banker who has lived on a ranch in Yellowstone. While her character can sometimes be foul-mouthed and quick-whipped, she is also a smart and loyal person. In this article, we’ll look at some of her most memorable quotes.

While Beth is a badass, she’s a softy when it comes to love. She can come off as cold and sociopathic, but she’s actually quite wise and insightful, and she can see through people before they say anything. And she’s almost always right! This is a quality that most people admire in their significant other.

If you love Yellowstone, these quotes will stick in your head long after the credits have rolled. You can find them in all sorts of memes online, and you’ll never have to watch the show again without seeing them. You can even use them as a source of motivation, if you’re feeling down. The characters from Yellowstone are memorable and you can’t help but love them!

Comparisons to Cersei in Game of Thrones

If you’ve watched Game of Thrones, you’ve probably noticed comparisons to Cersei. In the show, the Lannister queen is a villain. She’s been accused of many terrible things, including allowing her son Joffrey to perform horrific acts and sleeping with her brother Jaime. In addition, she was responsible for blowing up King’s Landing during the series’ season finale. It’s no wonder she’s considered the most ruthless character on the show.

Cersei is an authoritarian ruler of Westeros. She plots to kill her enemies and has shown her ruthlessness in the past. She also has a history of letting religious zealots rise to power. But her crimes are no worse than those of other GOT characters. Cersei’s life has been shaped by double standards and gender differences.

Cersei is a powerful leader and has a huge army. She’s got 20,000 men from the Golden Company and another 30,000 Ironborn from Euron. Her army is larger than Daenerys’, and she probably has more ships than Daenerys. She also doesn’t send her army north to battle undead.

Funny scenes between Rip Wheeler and Travis Wheatley

The funny scenes between Rip Wheeler and Travis Wheatly in Yellowstone are the basis of many memes. Their interactions were hilarious and heartwarming, and the two actors did an amazing job bringing them to life. The episode seeded the rest of the season and was full of delectable quotes. Rip is a devoted lover of Beth, and he’d do anything for her. However, this intense relationship had a significant impact on his other characters, especially Kayce and Monica.

Season four of Yellowstone has been highly anticipated by fans of the show. It premiered on Paramount Network this past weekend, and it is expected to be the most explosive season yet. The main plot revolves around the hunt to track down an anonymous assassin. Fans were worried that Beth Dutton would die in the series, but the show’s creator Cole Hauser has assured fans that she’ll be back.