7 Best Video Streaming Services in 2022

For this post, we’ll be listing some of the most well-known Best Video Streaming Services, or live streaming TV services. We will discuss the reasons they’re so popular and assist you in deciding which one to join for unlimited entertainment. Here is the list of Best Video Streaming Services in 2022.

#1) YouTube TV

The best choice option for streaming content on more than 85 channels.

For a long time, YouTube was and still is one of the top streaming services that is in the market in high demand. It did not just provide many good videos for free to the screens of a lot of people who use smartphones, also allowed a lot of talented people to be creators in their own right through the production and publishing videos that they created, becoming famous overnight.

YouTube TV takes this concept and further expands it by requiring subscribers to pay a low cost to enjoy their content, without the annoying ads. It’s true that this alone won’t be a compelling choice therefore YouTube has also introduced its own original content to rival Netflix as well as Prime.

YouTube TV now boasts of streaming more than 85 channels through one platform that offers content that comes from Sports, News, and Entertainment. You can capture your most loved shows with unlimited storage, and come with 6 accounts at one time.


  • Unlimited recording
  • No annual contract
  • 6 accounts subscription
  • Rewind and Fast-Foward content

Review: YouTube TV comes at an affordable price when compared with other streaming platforms due to the potential it offers users in the content they stream and the features they can use it for.

Website: YouTube TV

#2) Netflix

Ideal for streaming online of old and original content.

Netflix has been the catalyst for all this and, of course, it was on this list. When Netflix began to offer licensed content, nobody could have imagined the change it was beginning with regard to streaming online entertainment. The public was enthralled with the services offered and soon became hooked on the services it offered. it is one of the Best Video Streaming Services.

Then, fast forward to 2021 and Netflix is the largest source of content made within the United States alone. It’s also a key creator of original content, collaborating with other creators across the globe. Shows House of Cards and Stranger Things are already pop popular and have increased in popularity.

Even though Netflix is in a tough spot with new and established players who bring their best in its streaming services, the company holds the edge because it is the first to pioneer the streaming services we use and use in the present.


  • A huge gallery of original and old content
  • Select between dubbed and subbed versions of the material
  • The sleek interface
  • Pause, forward, and Rewind content

Website: Netflix

#3) Sling TV

The best choice for low-cost and easy streaming of content.

Sling TV is one of the oldest and most affordable live TV streaming services popular today. it is one of the Best Video Streaming Services. It’s not packed with a lot of impacts when it comes to its interface, nor does it have a wide range of channels available. But, the fact that it is able to provide the most popular channels at the most affordable prices has made it an industry standard.

The streaming service hosts channels that cover everything from drama, lifestyle, and sport, to news, and lets users stream them at 4K resolution. It also lets you access channels such as Showtime, Starz and so and much more.


  • Access to streaming in 4K
  • Free Cloud DVR
  • Access to 50+ CHANNELS

Website: Sling TV

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#4) Apple TV +

The best choice option for a stream of original programming for Apple gadgets, Roku, Fire TV and many more.

Apple was already a leader in the area of hardware, it is one of the Best Video Streaming Services. It was now the perfect time for the company to dive into the realm of streaming content. To date, reaction to its entry into the uncanny valley has been good. Apple TV+ is an impeccable streaming service and comes with a reasonable price that comes with it.

The streaming service permits users to share a subscription with five other members. It also lets you download your most loved shows to stream offline. That alone is enough to make Apple TV + worth the cost. It is on 4th no. of the Best Video Streaming Services in 2022.

It’s the content department however, that is where it is still a work in progress. Although the platform has brought in some big stars and has produced several excellent shows, none has received the same attention as shows on its rival platforms have managed to attract.


  • Offline viewing
  • Share the cost with 5 other members
  • Ad-free
  • Efficient account management

Website: Apple TV +

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#5) Mastera

Best Choice For instructors and trainers.

Mastera as a video platform is an excellent choice for instructors and trainers. It is one of the best Virtual Teaching Platforms. Its features include a branded website, booking features, and easy integration with Zoom. Users can easily customize their pages with their own logo, color schemes, and other graphics. They can also embed widgets for their programs and classes, as well as appointment bookings. Moreover, Mastera offers royalty-free music and other video formats. It is important to note that video content is more expensive than static content, but its impact is huge and it triggers a strong emotional response from the clients.

Mastera has a one-click checkout feature, which allows you to pay as you go. This feature is extremely useful for teachers who want to expand their audience without spending too much MoneyLink. Furthermore, Mastera is also easy to use, with its simple interface and one-click purchase process. It also offers several subscription and pay-as-you-go plans, which makes it a flexible option for both new and experienced teachers.


  • Its tools allow you to manage your live classes, videos, programs, subscribers, and customers.
  • It even integrates with Zoom and creates unique links for each session.
  • Mastera offers an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier for you to manage your content.

#6) Hulu Plus Live TV

The best to use for the 65 + channels on Hulu streaming library.

Hulu has made a decent case for its streaming service in the battles, going to the titans of Prime and Netflix yet establishing an audience that is it’s own due to its award-winning original streaming services. Hulu Plus is without a doubt among the top streaming services for TV today.

Hulu Plus is taking this feat even further by providing 65+ channels with Hulu’s well-known collection of content. What’s not to like? This service lets you stream across multiple devices simultaneously as well as gives users the possibility of recording their shows using fifty hours of storage.


  • 65+ channel access
  • Recording with 50 hours of storage capacity
  • Stream on several devices simultaneously
  • Make it your own by adding accessories

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#7) Acorn TV

Ideal to use for British television streaming.


It’s true that the United States isn’t the only country in the world that has quality content as Acorn TV proves that. Acorn TV brings some of the best comedy, mystery, and drama shows to viewers around the globe. The shows on Acorn TV get a lot of praise and are perfect for binge-watching.

Acorn however has an unresponsive interface that can be extremely jarring and can be difficult to navigate. But it’s content quality on the website is difficult to ignore. After you have gotten over the shoddy interface it’s still an enjoyable experience to stream your favorite content. it is the Best Video Streaming Services.


  • You have access to Original Access to Original Classic British content
  • Stream across multiple devices at once
  • Stream on Apple TV, Roku, Android, and Web
  • Sign-up is simple and easy.


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