Best Time to Catch Lobster

The best time to catch lobster is during the summer when lobsters migrate closer to shore in warmer waters. These lobsters are hungry and ready to eat so they’re easier to trap. During this period, lobsters also typically shed their shells in order to keep them cool and grow bigger.

When to Fish for Lobster

The most common time to fish for lobster is between mid-July and late September. This is considered the peak season because it’s when the lobster population increases, and the demand for lobster increases. It’s a good time to snag some cheap lobster because the price-per-pound decreases during these months.

When to Catch a Spiny Lobster

The spiny lobster, or squat lobster, is the most common species of lobster that you’ll see in coastal regions of the United States. They range in size from 1 to 2 pounds, and they are usually found in areas where the Gulf Stream skirts close.

How to Catch a Lobster

One of the most important things to remember when catching lobster is that you should never catch them by pulling at them. Unless you have an experienced lobster trapper in the area, you should always fish for lobster by using a lobster net.

Once you have a net, lower it into the water and wait for a lobster to take the bait. This method will help you become more selective about the lobsters you catch. You can also try a variety of methods, including free-diving and scuba diving, to find the right spot for catching lobsters.

When to Catch an Egg-Bearing Female

Anytime between April and August, you’ll likely be able to find female lobsters that have eggs attached to their tails. These lobsters are called berried lobsters because they look like berries when they’re covered with small clumps of eggs.

To distinguish an egg-bearing lobster, pay attention to the shape of its swimmerets (pleopods), which are the first pair on the upper portion of the underside of its tail. A male lobster’s swimmerets are larger and more rigid, while a female’s swimmerets are smaller and softer.

When to Catch a Lobster for Sale

Once the lobster has molted and grown bigger, they’ll start looking for food. They’ll travel to areas that are more suitable for eating, such as rocky shores and deep reefs. They will also seek out places where they can hide from predators.

If you’re planning to buy a live lobster, the best time to do so is during the summer or fall. This is because these lobsters have just molted and are fresher than those caught in the spring or winter.

When to Catch a Soft-Shell Lobster

Most of the time, lobsters that are caught in the summer will be “soft-shell” lobsters. These lobsters are typically more meaty and have a sweeter taste than hard-shelled lobsters, and they’re often easier to shuck.

However, some people prefer to eat hard-shelled lobsters, because they have a stronger shell that keeps the meat more secure and is easy to crack open. They’re also generally less expensive than in-season lobsters, which are cheaper because they haven’t molted and are still growing.